How To Live Comfortably in a RV

Living comfortably in a RV is a feat not easily done by anyone. It is simply not for everyone. A lot of patience, understanding and being comfortable with the uncomfortable are of utmost necessity when you try and live in a RV. If you are one of the many types of people who enjoy big, luscious, elegant and sophisticated housing; if you simply must sleep in your king size bed with silky sheets and puffy feather pillows every single night; if you cannot eat food from boxes and cannot enjoy your meal in an uncomfortable chair; if you are one that cannot go on and be happily relaxed without a night in your smooth and silky bath tub, but you would like to try, then this article is for you. Keep reading until the rest of the article for how to live comfortably in a RV. 

RVs has been around since the early 70s, in the form of minivans and the like, which housed a lot of hippies during their "escape" from civilization and chaos. From that time on until now, a lot of developments have happened in the RV industry. Many makers have adapted to the changing world and presented the market with many of their unique versions of RV, catering to the mindsets and level of different end consumers. No matter what your status, there is an RV that is perfectly suited for you. 

However, I must be honest and tell you that living in a RV will not be your most relaxing, exhilarating experience. But any seasoned adventure person will tell you that the destination is not the reward; it's the journey. So buckle up and read a few tips on how to really make your journey with a RV more rewarding: 

  1. Open your mind and heart. When living in a RV, there are a lot of sacrifices that you should make (or have already made, since you decided to take a chance on this experience). Keep in mind that there are many more sacrifices that you will have to make down the road of the journey. The only way of being able to deal with these sacrifices and avoid any ugly feelings, remind yourself that you have to keep an open-mind, open-heart and happy-go-lucky attitude because hey, nothing goes as planned.
  2. Value space. Living in a RV obviously dictates that you're living in a very constricted space. It is up to you and your RV-mate to free up the limited space with any unnecessary things. Whatever things you don't use, don't even think about bringing them in the RV. Remember that whatever space you have in your RV can easily be taken up even by small random things that you put in. Decide and plan what you think are the most important ones and be mindful of you RV-mate's needs as well.
  3. Choose your RV-mate. Since you will be living in a very cramped space, you will have lots of episodes with your RV-mate. Choose him wisely, and make sure that your companionship is more complementing than conflicting. Be sure to always keep in mind the needs of your companion as well, and remember that it takes two to tango. Your relationship with your RV-mate and how well your chemistry is will strongly influence the length of your road-life in a RV. Good luck and enjoy!


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