How To Loosen a Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are useful tools that you can use to attach luggage on top of your car. The ratchet strap is particularly important when going out on camping trips, since it will allow you to pack all of your bags, including your sleeping bag, tent, and other utensils, on top of the car. With a ratchet trap in place, you can safely travel even on the roughest trails, without spilling the contents on top of your car down the road. Once a ratchet strap is in place, however, it can be difficult to loosen up. Here are some steps to help you.

  • Pull. First of all, you will need to hold the center latch of the ratchet strap very firmly, and pull it towards the body of the strap. On one end of the ratchet strap, you should find the crank handle. The crank handle is mobile, which means that it can change place depending on where and how the luggage was secured. The important thing for you to do is to make sure that the center latch is as close to the crank handle as possible. As you exert pressure on the center latch, you should be able to move the crank handle. Rotate this handle and wait for the ratchet trap to emit a faint click, which means that the crank handle has locked into place.
  • Release. After you have pulled the center latch, the internal mechanisms in the ratchet strap will prevent the belt from moving back into the crank handle. This will allow you to pull out the center latch and release it from its lock.
  • Space. Once you have removed the center latch, you should be able to pull at the belt and add a little bit of space between the ratchet strap and the object or luggage that is secured with the ratchet strap. When you have this small space, you should be able to remove and slip out the belt and the buckle from the ratchet strap.
  • Remove. After you have fully removed the buckle from the strap, you should be able to easily remove the entire luggage that you have packed on top of your car. There are some people who use more than one ratchet straps for their cars, especially if they are packing plenty of luggage for their trips. Simply repeat the procedure to loosen the other ratchet strap. When removing the luggage, make sure that all of the straps in the ratchet strap are loosened, so that the luggage will not snag on any belt or strap in the device.
  • Twists. When packing your things into a ratchet strap, make sure that you encircle the luggage with the straps very carefully. Otherwise, it is possible for the belt straps to rotate and be twisted out of shape. Not only will this weaken the straps, but it will also generate pressure that can make the ratchet strap much tighter and much more difficult to loosen up.

With these steps in mind, packing and unpacking your luggage onto a ratchet strap can easily be done. It may seem difficult at first, but with a little practice, you should be able to maneuver the ratchet strap easily.


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