How To Lower a Car Jack

Are you planning to fix some problems with your chassis? Want to clean it up? Or just to change your busted tires? One of the basic skills you must learn is lowering the car jack. Many are fretting on this problem primarily because if the car jack would not be assembled and lowered properly, the automobile might fall abruptly and crush the skull of anyone underneath, or the automobile’s delicate chassis may be damage by a trapped jack. Here is the correct way to jack down your car.

  1. Jack your car up and do a visual inspection. Check if the jack is centered to the rear axle. If it is not centered, fix it to the correct position so as to prevent eventual damage to your car. Make sure its position is in the hydraulic locking position. Then jack your way up to about 2 inches. Once you achieved the necessary height, you can now look for things like jack stands and such that might damage your car if it is finally jacked down.
  2. Remove the jack stands. Once you stabilize its position and the car’s rear is lifted off as necessary, remove the two jack stands one by one. Carefully snap them off and put them away so they will not get stuck underneath your car afterwards.
  3. Lower your car using the jack. Lower the car by lowering the jack’s handle, applying strong but slow pressure. Don’t let go of the pressure, just continually jack your way down slowly and carefully. The consequences of lowering it too fast is that you may crack open the jack valve underneath, and your car may bounce off because of the abrupt descent. On the other hand, don’t jack it down too slowly, as it would stress your hands and arms.
  4. Open up the valve. Once the car is lowered down in a safe position, which is not too high that your car may bounce and not too low so it would be difficult to open the valve, gently snap off and open the valve.
  5. Jack down till the car hit the ground. After letting go of the safety valve, jack your way down until it touches the jack. Then again jack it down into the car’s cradle, this time more carefully and slowly so as to let it snap from your hold. The car is now slowly lowered to the ground.

A trick in lowering down your car smoothly and easily is to put the right amount of grease to the jacks lowering mechanism before lowering it down. You’ll cut the stress and effort of your arms into half by doing this. Lowering down your car quickly would not necessarily be hazardous because of the jacks’ suspension mechanism, but it would be more wise and practical to jack it down slow.

Using the jack in lowering your car is basically not difficult. The more important point may be is to do it properly so that you will not inflict unwanted scratches on the car’s chassis. This is especially true if you are into car repair business. No one wants that extra fines that would absolutely lower your service’s quality.


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