How To Lower a Jacked Up Truck

To jack up and then lower a jacked up truck is one of the important things you have to learn in performing DIY and emergency auto repairs. As with doing any other auto repairs, always think of your safety, other passengers’ safety and your truck’s well being. Here are steps on how to jack up and lower a jacked up truck.

  1. Ensure safety first. Make sure the area is cleared of children and pets, tools and objects that may cause harm or injury.
  2. Check your tools. You should have your jack stands, and hydraulic jack.
  3. Take note where your jack stands are placed. You have to see to it that you don’t hit the jack stands when you put the jack under the truck.
  4. Slide the jack under the truck, specifically under its lower control arm. This is usually located behind the tire. This is the best spot to lift and lower a truck.
  5. Tighten the release screw of the jack. You need to secure the jack before using it.
  6. Use the handle on the jack lever to lift the jack head. Continue to life until the jack head touches against the bottom of the truck’s lower control arm.
  7. Use the handle on the lever again, this time to raise the truck. Stop lifting at a height when you can spin the truck’s wheels freely. This is the ideal height for making all kinds of truck repairs.
  8. Remove the jack stands. You have to look under the vehicle and go straight for the truck’s lower control arm.
  9. Turn the release screw of the jack to lower the truck back to the ground. Make sure the vehicle is secure and in place by shaking it a little. For safety purposes, it’s better to let it fall first before you go under it.

To jack up and lower a jacked up truck is easy to do. Just make sure that the area around and under the car is free of children, pets, tools, and other things. Always ensure not only your safety, but also the safety of other people and your truck.


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