How To Lubricate the Plugs and Wires on a Distributor Cap

The ignition system of your vehicle is very important and so are its parts. No matter how small the distributor caps and spark plug wires are, they need proper attention to maintain the smooth operation of the car's ignition system. Therefore, you must do your best to protect these parts of the vehicle. One of the simplest yet best things you can do for these parts is to lubricate them. Read on and find out how you can do this important task for the wires and also distributor cap:

  • Be familiar with your car and its ignition system. The ignition system of your car cannot be easily accessed unless you are some sort of a mechanic. Hence, before you start the process, study the manual first and check how you can successfully and safely access the ignition system. It is best to study longer rather than making certain mistakes when accessing the ignition system. If you think you cannot do this, consult a professional instead.
  • Prepare a special kind of grease for lubricating these parts of the car's ignition system. Dielectric grease is what you need for this purpose. This can be purchased in all auto parts store in your area. However, be responsible and practical enough to purchase grease like this that is of great quality. Remember, you will be dealing with important components of your car. They only deserve the best care from you.
  • Access the distributor cap in the ignition system. Take note that the way you access the distributor cap will depend on the model, year, and make of your car. Hence, follow the instructions as provided in the manual so you can access the cap. Most of the time, you have to take off some parts of the air intake so you can access the distributor cap.
  • Remove the distributor cap and also the wires. Remove the distributor cap out of its location in the ignition system. Then, pull out gently the spark plug wires out of the cap. Make sure you follow the instructions closely as stated in the manual.
  • Lube the inside of distributor cap. Get dielectric grease and apply it inside the distributor cap. The cap has two terminals so make sure you cover both of them with the grease. The grease in the distributor cap protects it from moisture and outside air to prevent corrosion.
  • Lube the terminals of the wires. With the same kind of grease, lube the terminals of the spark plug wires. The grease in the terminals will help keep any oil from coming into them. The grease will also serve as a protection of the spark plug from any kind of damage and life threats.

The distributor cap and spark plug wires must be given proper care from time to time. You cannot afford to submit these parts to corrosion as this situation will bring in a lot of trouble not only to your vehicle but also to you. This is not to mention yet that replacing these parts can be too much of a hassle and expense for you. So devote a little of your time today to properly lubricate these parts. The few minutes you spend today lubricating these parts will all be worth it in the end.


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