How To Maintain a Car Air Conditioner

A car air conditioner is a very important feature in a car.  However, it is often neglected, and most people don’t know how to properly maintain it.  Here are some methods of how to maintain a car air conditioner to make it work better and last longer.

  1. Refer to the car’s manual.  Maintaining a car air conditioner involves knowing about the specific features of your car.  Know the instructions on how to maintain the parts of the car air conditioner.  Always keep the car manual in a safe place so that you can refer to it whenever you have to maintain your car air conditioner. 
  2. Clean the air filter.  A dirty air filter clogs up the airway and lessens the coolness of the car air conditioner.  Check whether the air filter is still clean or if it needs cleaning.  Take off the air filter. Clean the air filter using water and mild soap.  When the air filter is very dirty, or if it has become damaged, replace the air filter with a new one.
  3. Get rid of moisture.  Excess moisture causes odor and encourages the growth of mildew.  Dry the evaporator core by running your car air conditioner for about an hour.  Activate the defrost system for 15 minutes to rid moisture easier.
  4. Maintain the coolant pressure.  Prevent the car air conditioner’s hoses from hardening up and the seals from being ruined by maintaining the coolant pressure.  For once a month, run the air conditioner at the coolest temperature and the fastest fan speed for 20 minutes. 
  5. Prevent leaks.  Leaks lessen the cooling effect of the air conditioner and damage the unit over time.  Things to check are the gasket seal, the drainage holes, and the hoses.  The car’s gasket seal is located above the air conditioner.  If it is damaged, replace it to prevent the air conditioner from leaking.  Clean the drainage holes found in the condensation pan.  Clean the pan as well.  Check all hoses for signs of wear and tear.  Replace damaged hoses.
  6. Maintain the evaporator coils.  Check the status of the evaporator coils.  Replace damaged evaporator coils to ensure the efficiency of the car air conditioner.  If the evaporator coils have become dirty, clean them using a soft, clean brush.
  7. Maintain the condenser fins.  Check the air conditioner for bent condenser fins.  Straighten up these fins to promote air circulation.  Correct bent condenser fins with the use of a sturdy tool such as a condenser fin comb or any blunt metal instrument.  Clean these condenser fins by wiping it with a clean cloth. 
  8. Have your air conditioner inspected.  Go to a mechanic to have your car air conditioner inspected.  The mechanic is experienced in inspecting the parts of a car air conditioner.  He can determine whether repair needs to be done.  If you don’t have the time or skill to inspect and remedy a car air conditioner, go to a mechanic for at least once a year. 

Maintain your car air conditioner regularly to ensure its proper working condition.  Never overuse your car air conditioner to prevent it from acquiring damage.  When your car air conditioner is still not working efficiently after doing the methods mentioned above, consider having your car air conditioner replaced with a new unit.


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