How To Maintain a Convertible

Convertibles were a hit during the 80’s, and they are still quite a fad with today’s younger generation. A convertible is a type of automobile that has an adjustable, flexible roof. This roof is what we typically call a convertible top, which is collapsible and foldable. Typically, a convertible top is made of soft materials like vinyl or canvas, or they can also be made of plastic, or steel. The convertible top is attached to a hydraulic pump and can be manually or automatically activated. It requires special care to maintain a convertible top in order to prevent leaks and damages. The following are some steps to keep your convertible always as good as new:

  1. Consult your car manufacturer's manual. Manufacturers usually provide detailed steps on how you can care for and clean your convertible, especially the top portion. It may also indicate a few products that you can use for maintenance.
  2. Check you car parts and fluids regularly. Ensuring that parts and fluids (car oil, transmission fluid, windshield wiper fluid, and power steering fluid) are changed regularly will guarantee longer car life and fewer problems. Also, regularly check the hydraulic pump for leaks or damage to guarantee that the mechanism that controls the convertible top is in good order.
  3. Park in a garage or in a covered area. Making sure that the top is covered would also prevent unwanted dirt from accumulating in your car. Be careful when lowering the top, making sure that no debris or unwanted material will be enclosed with the top.
  4. Clean the convertible top regularly. Cleaning the top with soap and water on a regular basis is a good practice, but it would also be best to use a convertible top cleaner at least twice a year.
  5. Clean the windows regularly also. Using soap and water would do the trick. For removing debris that is stuck, you can use a plastic scraper or a razor blade.
  6. Use a vacuum cleaner to ensure debris is fully collected. Not only are we caring for the top, but also the interior of the car, which is often exposed.
  7. Check the convertible top for tears and rips. Mend it immediately so as not to worsen its condition. Automobile accessories shops carry top repair kits that you can use yourself to avoid spending a fortune with repairs or replacement done by a mechanic. You can also spray a vinyl or fabric protector in order for the top to repel water.

Many people would agree that driving a convertible is quite enjoyable. You can have a car with a roof to protect your head, and immediately transform it into a car that you can use for a leisurely drive. Thus, it is imperative that you care for and maintain your convertible to enjoy longer car life and to keep it in tiptop shape.


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