How To Maintain a Convertible Top

So, you are one of the very few that owns a convertible. This type of speedster vehicle is a convertible since it has a top that can be folder or removed thus, allowing you to cruise with the cold wind hitting your face freely. On colder days and nights or when the weather is a bit wet, you will definitely want the top back on. Since the top is that important, it is imperative that it gets the proper care and maintenance it needs. Remember, nothing lasts forever and this statement applies to convertible tops which can significantly distort, discolor, and blemish through constant use and abuse. That said here are some quick tips on how to maintain your convertible top.

  • Use a cleaner. Technically, it is wise to thoroughly clean the top at least thrice a year using a commercial cleaner that you can find at your local auto supply store. Of course, the cleaner to buy would be the one specified for the material type of your top. If the convertible top is made of vinyl, then you will definitely want to use a cleaner that has no abrasive qualities. If you the top is made of metal much like the material used for the entire body of your car, then you can go with water and a nice light detergent. Whatever is the case, stay away from harsh cleaners with chlorine, alcohol, and bleach content. Most convertible tops have been manufactured to weather both the heat and the rain. If you clean it using products with these substances, it will reduce the top’s resiliency to the elements thus, speeding up its lifespan.
  • Take care as you wash. Whenever you plan to wash your car including the convertible top on it, always start it with the top properly installed on the car. Furthermore, make sure to wash the top under shade. Washing it while the sun is scorching its surface is not recommended. To avoid scratches and incidental damages, only use a soft rag or sponge when washing it. If you have a pressure sprayer, then use that instead.
  • Don’t forget the window. Convertible tops have rear windows integrated into the unit. This is either made of plastic or glass. Make sure to determine the material used and apply only the appropriate cleaner for it. For instance, if the window is made of glass, then a regular glass cleaner that can be sprayed on will do. Now, if the window is made of plastic, then you will have to purchase cleaner that is less abrasive so that the window will not warp or get damaged due to the chemicals found in regular glass cleaners.
  • Preserve your top. After cleaning and washing your top, dry it thoroughly with a rag or cloth. Do not let it dry under the sun. Once dry, apply wax or whatever product that will provide a layer of protection from the elements. There should be one or two types of products that you can find providing your top the protection it deserves from your local auto supply store.  

In addition to these tips, it is vital that you immediately wipe off and remove any bird droppings as it hits your top. This should be common enough so make sure to expect it. Bird droppings are highly acidic. If left to solidify on your top, the acids within in could seep into the material and ruin its shine and compromise its durability.


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