How To Make a Claim on Your Automobile Policy

Automobile policies are very important sources of defense and ease of mind for every car owner, driver, passenger and pedestrian as well. These policies protect the car, the life of the driver and his passengers, of course, and his finances. But how does one make a claim on his auto policy? Here’s how.

1.    First of all, it is very important that the policy holder know what is covered by his automobile policy.

Most of these policies include the following mandatory coverage (which of course, are covered up to a specific maximum limit):

  • Liability – refers to the legal responsibility of the policy owner for use or ownership of the car.
  • Uninsured Motorists – this protects the policy owners against vehicles that are not insured.
  • Accident Benefits – benefits that aid policy owners when they are involved in accidents and require immediate medical response or rescue.

If you need to know more about your insurance policy, do not hesitate to contact your insurance broker or agent. It is the policy owner’s right to be informed well.

2.    If you are currently involved in an accident, report the claim immediately to your insurance provider.

It is important to provide the insurance provider details about the time and place of the accident and how the accident occurred. Be as specific as possible (include landmarks for the place of the accident; report the year, make and model of the cars involved in the accident, etc.). Don’t forget to include in the report the names and the contact information of those involved in the car accident and the witnesses as well. It will also help to describe in the report the damage that was done to the vehicle, injuries, and their extent. If the police have already been contacted, as they should be, it is also wise to include it in your report. But do not forget to tell your insurance provider which specific department or unit responded to your call.

3.    It should be the insurance company’s initiative to contact the policy owner within 8-24 business hours after the policy report on his claim has been received.

A claims representative will discuss what will happen next and will answer every automobile insurance policy related question from you. Every insurance company will assure its clients and their chosen repair facility that they will work with them to ensure every claim is handled quickly. If there is no response or call back, or if no representative from the insurance company has contacted you within the 8 to 24 hours limit, it is best to make a personal visit to their office.

However minor or extreme the damage was done to your car, it is best that you report your claim to your automobile insurance provider. Even if it is just slight damage, the repair cost may be more than what was expected. This will also help both the company and the client, because the insurance company can do an estimate of the real cost of the damage in the car. This way, they can surely have better relations with the chosen repair facility.


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