How To Make a Homemade Cold Air Intake for a 99 Camaro

A cold air intake or CAI is a type of automobile mechanism used to greatly reduce the air temperature that goes through the car’s internal combustion engine. Doing so dramatically increases your car’s horsepower, speeds up its throttle response, improves its engine and radiator and gives it a better mileage thus ensuring a better experience for the driver and passengers on and off the road.

If you have a 1999 Chevy Camaro that you want to give an extra boost, save your money on expensive cold air intake devices and make one instead. Read on to find out how.

Materials needed. The materials that you will need to make a homemade cold air intake for your 1999 Camaro are: an adjustable wrench, a rubber pipe connector with hose clamps, a 1999 Camaro 3-inch exhaust pipe, a flat-bladed screwdriver, cone air filter and a roll of aluminum foil.

Step 1. To make your cold air intake, start by removing the stock version from your engine with the use of a wrench to help slacken the bolt that locks it in.

Step 2. Replace it by putting one end of your pipe connector in its place. Tighten the clamp well with a screwdriver.

Step 3. Decide where you want to put your cold air intake. It is highly recommended to put it somewhere near the front wheel well because it is where the air that goes through the engine comes in. Once you decide where, get the other end of your pipe connector and attach it to your preferred spot. Link both ends by connecting your exhaust pipe in between them. Secure both ends by tightening the clamps well.

Step 4. Next, take out your cone air filter and attaching it to the end that is connected to the spot that you chose. Make sure it fits well and tight.

Step 5. Cover entire pipe with aluminum foil. Make sure that you don’t leave out any space as this will serve as insulation for your cold air intake apparatus.

Congratulations on your homemade cold air intake!  You can check if it has been installed properly by giving it a slight tug and pull. If it does not hit any other car parts then, good job, it means installation has been successful. However, if it does then don’t worry, just adjust it until it does not hit anything anymore. Practice safety precautions too, above anything else. Wear the proper gear to protect yourself from getting hurt. Make sure that your Camaro is at rest so you will be able to tinker its engine without the risk of burning your fingers. Always keep your cold air intake in good condition by cleaning it regularly as it may pick up dirt and grime from prolonged use. Don’t forget to stock on air filters too should the old filter need to be replaced. Remember that your car is a valuable treasure and with proper care and maintenance, your 1999 Camaro will be at your family’s service for many years to come.


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