How To Make Quiet Mufflers for Car Exhaust Systems

Get Tips for Creating Car Mufflers that Can Choke the Engine

The quieter the muffler, the more it chokes the engine. Modern day gasoline powered engines have a lot of noise coming out of the exhaust ports. To decrease the noise level, mufflers have been added to the car exhaust systems. The car mufflers can be mounted anywhere in the system, but are more effective near the end of the vehicle. 

Here's how to make quiet mufflers. 

  1. Exhaust muffler silencers. Silencers are designed to be run in conjunction with your existing muffler, and the exhaust muffler silencer will reduce sound levels by up to 10db without any loss of power.
  2. Technology today is researching flow chambers in the muffler. These chambers are separated by metal plates that reroute the exhaust gases through the system reducing the noise, without decreasing the airflow.
  3. Special packing. Materials are being developed to allow air to flow smoothly while the gases are trapped, thus reducing the noise.
  4. A properly operating exhaust systemMan holding a muffler performs in a quiet and efficient manner. When your car starts making a loud noise or sound, a replacement muffler or associated exhaust pipe may be necessary.  Have your vehicle inspected to determine if it is the muffler or another part in the exhaust system.
  5. Surface area for the muffler. The increased surface area and angle of the muffler cone provides an exit for hot exhaust gases. This directs and focuses the sounds from your engine back onto its self. This reduces the sound level as it passes through the muffler.
  6. Thermal barrier. The thermal barrier between the outer core section and muffler case provides a portion of the mufflers sound energy absorption. This heat barrier will deliver lower temps, allowing the muffler to be placed much more inside the car reducing external sound levels.
  7. Gases flow area. The hot exhaust gases are released and allowed to expand in multiple layers which reduce turbulence and noise inside the muffler.
  8. Tape as a last resort. If you have a loud muffler as a result of a hole, you can purchase a muffler bandage at your local car store. Using the tape will lower the noise by plugging the hole. Remember, this is only a temporary fix and you should have your muffler replaced at the local muffler shops.

You should hear silence even with the engine running after you have located and repaired your noisy muffler. 


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