How To Make an Emergency Power Steering Hose Repair

Any part of a car breaks down due to continued use. One of the most common types of car trouble is a flat tire. You can easily replace that with your spare tire. But what about a problem with your power steering hose? This is a problem that you don’t get everyday. Another problem is, not all automotive shops may carry the type of power steering hose that your car has. You have to find a way how to fix this problem fast.

Here are the steps on how you can make an emergency power steering hose repair:

Tools you need. A common problem with a power steering hose is usually a leak. The tools that you need in order to fix this type of problem are an air hose kit, hose clamps, hand tools, power steering fluid and a pocket knife. These are the necessary items you need to do the repair. If you do not have some of the items at hand, you can walk to a nearby automotive shop and borrow some of their tools so that you can work on your power steering hose.

Know where the leak is. The first step is to know where the leak is. For this part, you might need the help of someone else to see where the leak is coming from. First, set your car on break or put stops, such as blocks or rocks in front of your wheels. Use your jack to elevate your car a bit so that the leak can be seen clearly. Go to your car and use the steering wheel. The power steering fluid should squirt out from the hole on the hose.

Repairing the power steering hose. First, cut the part of the hose where the leak is. You will need a sharp knife for this. Now, use the hose clamps. Use them on each side of the hose. Make sure that the clamps are tight. Connect them together with using the brass knobs on each clamp. Now, put back the hose on its proper place on the car. After that, fill the tank with power steering fluid to refill what has leaked out. Test your car again and see if there are still some leaks that you have to repair. If you did the clamping of the hoses correctly and there are no other holes, you should see no leaks.

These are the steps that you can do if you need to repair your power steering hose. The repair that you made on the power steering hose is just temporary. You will have to have the hose replaced as soon as possible as the clamps should not be used for this purpose. It can only be used for emergency purposes. As soon as you pass by an automotive repair shop, have your power steering hose checked and replaced. Also, if you suspect that your car has a leak, make the necessary repairs as soon as possible as leaving the leaks can cause fire.


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