How To Make Car Wax

You got a learner’s permit at 15 and now, at 16 you are allowed to get a license that makes you legal to drive your parent's car. Hold it! The sentence says it makes you legal to drive your parents’ car but do your have your parents’ permission to drive the Bentley? Your dad wants you to take his old reliable Beetle instead while you’re still green at driving, but you got your mom to convince your dad to let you take the Bentley out once a week to Grandma’s home in the Pacific Palisades. Sweet!

Or bittersweet…You got your parents to hand you a carrot but you have to work for the right to drive the Bentley using creative means. Translated: No gas money and you have to work for the upkeep at least on the cleaning side.

No problem, you can always work part-time and you can make your own car wax, too! Now that is a sweet, sweet deal.

Two weeks later, you park the Bentley in the garage. Upon getting out of the car, you see your dad’s note saying he thinks you need to make good on your promise. Sure thing, dad! You roll up your sleeves and hunker down to work.

Making car wax starts with the most important ingredient seen in every car wax product. It’s called Carnauba Wax, scientific name: Copernica Cerifera is a botanical palm tree endemic in Brazil. When processed properly, it can last for up to 3-5 years of use. You can buy this online or at your local automotive store. 

You can now make your own car wax.

Ingredients, measurements, and utensils:

  1. Linseed oil in a cup
  2. Around 4-5 tablespoons of Carnauba Wax
  3. A couple of tablespoons beeswax
  4. A half cup of organic vinegar
  5. A double boiler or saucepan
  6. Metal stirrer
  7. Hotplate or stove

Let’s get you cooking:

Place double boiler or sauce pan on low heat. When it is ready - and you can tell because heat is slowly rising to the surface - begin putting in your ingredients starting with linseed oil, then carnauba wax, followed by beeswax, and finally, organic vinegar. Remember to stir while putting the ingredients in the order specified. Keep stirring until the carnauba wax has melted and the mixture has turned into a thick almost syrupy consistency. Take it off the stove and pour into a cooling pan until the mixture solidifies.

Now you’re ready to apply your car wax on the Bentley using a linen cloth. Dip the linen cloth into the wax and take a measured amount. Rub it in using a wax in-wax out technique. Finish off with a topping of organic vinegar.

Step back and admire how that car shines! Great job, kid!

Note: There are other alternatives to linseed oil that you can use like lavender, eucalyptus, or pine oil. Turpentine can also be an alternative to organic vinegar but the latter is still highly recommended for its natural properties.


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