How To Make Car Windshield Wiper Fluid

Summer is fully on and it’s time for you to hit the beach or just go outdoors enjoying the hot, fine weather. Now you might just get an accidental tan while getting exposed to the sun, but it’s no accident when your car windshield wiper gets all muddy, dirty, and grimy from the dust and bugs that come alongside the blazing sunshine. It’s not like you’re doing your car a favor by making it look squeaky clean all the time (something that is quite hard to do during summer) but a muddy or dirty windshield wiper is very dangerous to driving because it hampers visibility when it’s not working hard enough to clean your windshield and rear windows. It’s an absolute certainty that you will end up hurting yourself and other people if you just let it slide.

However, before you make a beeline to the store to purchase windshield wiper fluid, you might just want to cash in instead on your natural talent by making your own natural car windshield wiper fluid. It’s the right thing to do since most of the ingredients are already available right in your kitchen or bathroom at home. This idea is great for your wallet, for your health, and for the planet. First off, you don’t have to spend money, second, most cleansers on retail contain chemical ingredients that can damage your health, and third, you’re helping to save the planet by choosing to go green.

Baby Shampoo and Vinegar: Get a pail of water. Add a few drops of baby shampoo and about 3 tablespoons of vinegar. Mix everything together and squirt on the front and rear wiper blades then wipe away with a soft sponge or lint-free cloth. For good measure, an old newspaper will help clear up anything that’s left on the rubber.

Lemon/Lime Juice and Vinegar: Fill a squirt bottle with equal amounts of water, vinegar, and lemon/lime juice. Squirt on the front and rear wiper then wipe off with a soft sponge or lint-free cloth. Again, an old newspaper can finish this ritual off.

Baking Soda and Water: Dissolve 4-5 tablespoons of baking soda in a pail of water. Mix it thoroughly and it’s ready for use along with a soft sponge.

How about cleaning your wipers during winter when the ice sticks to it?  No worries, if you don’t have something like a tarp or an old sheet to cover this part of your car you can resort to:

70% Rubbing alcohol and water: Mix these together and squirt away. The ice will easily come off.

70% Rubbing Alcohol and liquid dish soap: Mix these together and apply liberally on your windshield and windshield wipers.

50% Water and 50% Vinegar: Mix these together. Spray and leave it overnight.

The ideas presented here are great alternatives to using mass-produced chemical-based cleansers. In the long run, you will find that you’ve made a humongous amount of savings simply because you opted to be practical and creative in your approach to cleaning your car. Good job!


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