How To Make Your Own Hood Scoop

Hood scoop has to do with the best functioning of the engine of the car. It helps the air flow inside around the engine or carburetor of the car, allowing air to go inside and circulate to provide additional coolness that is good for the engine for better performance. It also defines the appearance of the car making it look like a muscle car, which is preferred by most car owners.

  • Prepare your needed materials. Make sure that the things and tools you will need are available to make a good and functional hood scoop. You will need fiberglass fabric, fiberglass resin, small grinder, cutting wheel, electric drill, drill bit, rivets, rivet gun, factory match paint, sanding wheel, marker, fiber glass resin activator, measuring tape, spray gun and donor hood.
  • Find the right hoods. First you must have an extra hood to replace your existing hood. You can find one from some auto business shop. They might have recovered hoods from old or dumped cars. Just make sure to get something that is still in a good condition and reusable. Find the one that would fit to your own car.
  • Cut the hood. If you have already decided on which hood you are going to take home then its time to take it off or cut it from its body. Take only the hood as it will save you some money. Mark the part that you are going to take off (with the use of a marker), to make equal sides of the square. Then start cutting it out. You will need your grinder and cutting wheel for this task.
  • Fit the hood. Now, fit in the new hood to your car. You have to put some hole at the back of your donor hood. Cut a triangle shape on its two corners. This will make the bending easily. Bend it for about 90 degrees in the sidewalls of the hood scoop. Now, measure the walls that will serve as a base for the new hood that you will attach and then let it fit with your donor hood. Make sure that it’s centered for a perfect outcome.
  • Position the hood scoop. Locate your donor hood scoop into the right place on the car. Match it accordingly right into the markings that you did a while ago to fit it well. Then after positioning it correctly you can now apply the fiberglass fabric soaked to connect each part. Place fiberglass fabric soaked as well on the back part. You can use two strips of it to connect the donor hood into the sidewall of the car’s hood scoop. Smoothen or even out the surface of the fiberglass fabric. Apply just enough thickness for sanding away excess fabric to give it the right and appropriate shape.
  • Sand it. Let the fiberglass compound dry. Leave it for about twenty-four hours to allow the establishing of the materials that you set on it. Now you start sanding the area that you applied the fiberglass compound to restore or attain the shape of the hood scoop. Use electric drill and sanding wheel to finish this task. Run along a cardboard on the hood scoop to get the shape of it to match it together for both sides and area. When every side and shape is equal then you are done sanding.
  • Paint it. Prepare the primer paint that you will have to apply. Then mix the color that you are going to put on the hood scoop; you have to match it with the color of the entire car. Or you can choose any desired color that you would want to apply if you are planning to change the color of the entire car. Use a spray gun with compressor to paint it. Cover the area with masking tape or paper to avoid spraying paint over on some places that doesn’t need to be painted. Make four coats of paint while sanding it right after it’s dried.

Changing the hood scoop of your car can improve your car’s appearance. Good luck, and hope this helped!


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