How To Mount a Car Shock

Just like the other wheel components of a car, shock absorbers can get worn down and will occasionally need replacement. The procedures will be the same, whether you mount a left or right car shock. Here's how:

  1. Take out the car wheel. First make sure that you park your car on a level surface. Now, loosen the wheel's lug nuts by using a four-way lug wrench. Repeat this same step to break loose all of the wheel's lug nuts.
  2. Raise the car off the ground to remove its wheel. Position the car jack underneath the axle or the frame of the car. This is very important to make sure you do not accidentally damage your car's suspension system. Once sure the car jack is properly positioned, jack the car to raise it off the ground. Place jack stands afterwards making sure they are positioned well under the frame as well and take out the car jack. Remove the wheel and the shock absorber should now be in view.
  3. Take out the shock absorber that needs to be replaced. The shock absorber is a cylinder with studs on its base. Some types of shock absorbers also have studs on top. The shock absorber is actually composed of two moving parts. One of it serves as the sheath. The bottom part of the shock absorber goes up and down the sheath when the car is in motion. Now, to take out the shock absorber, you will need to first grasp the bottom part. Afterwards, you will need to slide the shock absorber outwards to take it out. This task will require some force. If the shock absorber does not budge, then you may need to use a pry bar to slide it out of the base stud. Make sure that you do not puncture the cylinder or the fluid inside will spray you in the face.
  4. Mount the replacement car shock absorber. Now, in the box are isolating rubbers with respective washers. Slide the isolating rubber washer first into the top stud of the shock absorber. Now, which is the top and which is the base of the shock absorber, you may ask? The top part should be the one with the sheath. While no problems will be encountered if the part with the sheath is positioned as the base, it will greatly reduce the life of the shock absorber. This is because water will get into the empty spaces in between the two moving parts of the shock absorber and promote corrosion. So always position the part with the sheath on top when mounting a car shock. Insert the top stud into the upper hole making sure a remainder of the stud protrudes through the hole. Next, compress the lower part of the shock by squeezing it upwards and carefully insert the base into the stud. Get the other isolating rubber and insert it on the top stud of the shock followed by its washer. Secure the shock absorber by tightening the top and bottom nuts. 

Now, all you need to do is to replace the wheel. Replace the lug nuts before you lower the vehicle. Once on the ground, use the four-way lug wrench to securely lock the lug nuts in place.


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