How To Open a Driver's Education School

There will always be someone who needs to learn how to drive. A teenager who just reached the right age, a helpless mother who has to drive her kids to school, a sales agent who availed of his company’s car benefit – these and more people will most probably look for someone to teach them how to drive. Now if you are someone with great driving skills and have many years of experience driving almost all kinds of vehicles, you can help these people and at the same time earn a living from assisting them. Open a driver’s education school. You may ask – but how? Find it out by reading on.

  1. Check your own driver’s credentials. You might have an expired driver’s license, so have it renewed. Upgrade if possible to professional level.
  2. Apply for certification to attest that you meet the requirements for driving instructors. You may be required to go through some tests like more rigid actual driving tests and written examinations on driving rules. It is important that you prepare for the certification exams so you will be sure to pass with the first take. Study your state’s traffic regulations and practice your driving skills on your own before seeking to be a certified driver instructor.
  3. Secure a driving school business license in your state from DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). You may have to pay 200 dollars as application fee, depending on your state. Some states ask for more requirements such as a bond ($2,500), proof of insurance (amounting to $25,000, $50,000 or $100,000) and a matrix for the fees you will charge your students.
  4. Register your driver’s school with the Secretary of State Corporation Division. This agency will issue you with your registry number. Use a catchy name for your school to gain the attention of prospective driving students.  
  5. Look for vehicles that you can use for your school. Since you are new in the business, you may start small. You can rent vehicles in the meantime while you are just starting with the school. Be sure the vehicles you rent are in good condition and equipped with safety gears such as side brakes on the side of the passenger and other tools used for driving instruction.
  6. Insure your vehicles for protection. A comprehensive coverage is an ideal insurance package as it covers both the vehicle and passengers.
  7. Get an office or space, preferably near a school so you can bring your business near to eager students who want to learn how to drive. Make sure there is enough space to accommodate your vehicles. There should also be a big parking lot where your students can learn how to operate vehicles in various ways.
  8. Hire a secretary. Though you can manage your driving school on your own if you want it that way – you will always need someone to assist you. You will be out on the road most of the time teaching your students so you need someone to man your office and take care of office matters.
  9. Determine your fee. In setting your price, you should consider your operations and other incidental costs. So you need to charge in a way that you will be able to profit comfortably. However your price should be reasonable and affordable.
  10. Put up an advertisement to let people know about your school. You may place posters in places that are easily seen. You may also give away flyers. If you can afford it, run an ad in print and broadcast media.

To further promote your school, you may visit colleges and ask permission to give a short talk (free of charge) to students about safe driving and traffic rules and regulations. Leave brochures or handbills to inform them about your school.


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