How To Paint a Truck in Camouflage

If you're into hunting or if you're into things that have something to do with the military, the camouflage pattern would probably be something that you would want to paint your truck or car.  The camouflage pattern is a visual design that can help conceal certain items by letting them blend into the background.  This can offer great functionality in certain situations when cover is needed - like when trying to hide in a woodland. But out in the urban environment, the camouflage paint doesn't really help much in trying to blend in into the surroundings. Still, it might be good to dress up your pick-up truck or SUV in camouflage pattern, to make it look more aggressive.

Unfortunately, the mosaic of colors that are used for the camouflage pattern don't necessarily come in one can of paint. To come up with the desired visual effect, many coats of paint for the necessary patterns should be used.

To come up with the look, one has to be familiar with the colors used in fatigue paints. It will depend on your setting or situation. Military operations in the desert involve shades of brown. Urban fatigue colors involve shades of grey. Winter fatigue colors involve light grey and white. Usually, though, fatigues come in shades of green and some dull yellow.

The first step to painting a vehicle would be to pick out which truck or car you want to give the military camouflage treatment to. You're probably dealing with a car that has seen quite a lot of wear and tear so it shouldn't really matter how you take the old paint off.  You may remove the paint with a fine grain sand paper to remove the chips of paint on the car. Using a paint thinner can also strip the truck with any of the residual paint that may be left behind after the sanding process.

Before going all crazy with the paint, it would be important to protect the surfaces of the truck that should not get painted. To secure these areas, you may use masking tape and old newspapers to protect the windshield, side mirror fixtures, the headlights, rubber trim, and the other details.

The whole idea of camouflage is to have random patterns with good colors that would blend into the surroundings. Whether you want to blend in a desert or jungle environment, it is important to follow these steps to come up with the full effect.

  1. Paint the body with olive tone paint from the well-known camouflage line of your favorite brand of paint.
  2. Put in patches of green to create a blended effect.
  3. Use a piece of corrugated cardboard to scrape the paint work while it dries. This would create the fade in and fade effect of the colors on the body of the vehicle.
  4. If you want to include any leaf like patterns on the design, you may also choose to add stenciled in forms.
  5. To complete the look you may install army netting on your newly camouflage painted truck. This would be a great addition to your garage.

Painting your truck in camouflage is one surefire way to make it look more macho and aggressive.


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