How To Pass a DMV Driving Permit Test

This is the age of the automobile! Almost everyone knows how to drive and in some cities like Los Angeles, you can’t get anywhere without a car. Knowing how to drive a car is much more convenient and time-effective as you’re not depending upon public transportation, you can leave whenever you wish without being tied down to a bus schedule.

But keep in mind that driving is a privilege and not a right. Driving also comes with a lot of responsibilities like paying for renewals for your registration, license, and insurance along with the upkeep of your car. But the advantages of knowing how to drive far outweigh the disadvantages. And the only way to get a driver’s license is to pass your DMV driving test.

The test is done in two parts: theoretical and practical: theoretical being your knowledge of traffic rules and regulations and the practical half being your actual driving skills.

Below are a few tips on how to pass your DMV driving permit test.

  1. Come prepared. Just because you can drive around your neighborhood doesn’t mean you are ready to pass the test. Read up on traffic signs, know traffic rules and regulations and be well versed in situational driving. Read and know your driving manual cover to cover. Have all of the necessary documents on hand when you come in for the test. If possible prepare them the night before.
  2. Learn the route. DMV tests often have a route you have to navigate through correctly. These routes are often posted online so you should memorize the route and the many full stops, traffic lights and blind corners in it. More than knowing how to drive, testers try to judge your decision making capabilities when navigating the route.
  3. Make exaggerated gestures. Driving instructors are always looking for signs that you will be a safe driver. So when behind the wheel, make exaggerated gestures when checking your mirrors or when checking for incoming traffic. These will clue in instructors that you’re thinking of the safety of yourself and others.
  4. Be confident. In driving a moment’s hesitation could cause traffic accidents. So when you’re on the road with the instructor always appear confident in your decisions.
  5. Drive defensively. The best way to pass the test is to drive defensively. Driving instructors are always on the lookout for reckless drivers and are not inclined to give licenses out to those who seem like they’ll become reckless on the road. By driving defensively and safely, you’ll win their confidence.

Passing your DMV driving test isn’t really hard if you’ve been practicing. But what you really have to work on is being knowledgeable in traffic rules and regulations. You also have to give the driving instructor that you are a responsible individual who will make the roads a safe environment for pedestrians and fellow drivers as well.

Below are a few practice tests that you can use to prepare for the DMV test.

Keep in mind that these are practice tests and that success in one doesn’t mean the same questions will be asked for your driver’s test.


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