How To Pay for a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

For a person with a disability that requires the use of a wheelchair, mobility is definitely a problem. Some families make the sacrifice of transporting the handicapped in a regular car, carrying the person from the wheelchair into the car and storing the wheelchair in the car’s trunk and doing the reverse once a destination is reached. This method can be very inconvenient for the handicapped person and the one doing the lifting. Others pay for the services of a live-in caregiver. Transportation for a wheelchair-bound person is difficult to say the least, as well as converting or acquiring a vehicle that will accommodate a wheelchair as the price range is several thousand dollars. There are ways however to pay for a wheelchair accessible vehicle and some of them are outlined below.

  • Assess the particular requirements of the wheelchair-bound person. The person may only need a ramp so that the wheelchair can go inside the van. With some minor conversions such as removing some of the passenger seats, installing a harness and rails on your old van you may already be able to make it work.
  • Check out the wheelchair van loans for the handicapped and the disabled. Patient Financing Services is a company that you can look into. Their long-term loans are graduated based on your budget and financial capability. Maximum amount available is twenty-five thousand dollars. Bank of America also offers loans for those with disabilities and needs modifications for their access requirements.
  • Check out the disability loan programs given by each state. These are assistive technology financing schemes that are extended to disabled persons to help purchase mobility devices and services that will help them live more comfortably. Some of these alternative sources of funding also offer employment. The financing schemes are flexible and the interest rates are low.
  • Wheelchair accessible vehicleLook for some government grants that you can apply for. Each state usually has a fund for such a purpose administered by a designated office or agency. Some of the agencies you can check are Medicaid, Worker’s Compensation, Administration for Children and Families and You should also check the Department of Human Services, Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services and the Division of Developmental Services. These government agencies have an office in each state.
  • If you are involved in your local church community, inquire if you will be able to request for assistance in securing funds for the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle. Talk to the church representative and discuss your needs. The representative will either give you a referral or if you qualify can run a fundraising event in your name.
  • If you are employed you can look into employer funding. If the company you are working for has thirty or less employees and/or has one million dollars or less in annual revenue it may be qualified for tax credits if it pays for assistive technology and mobility equipment. Check if your company qualifies under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

You do not have to look into just one agency to finance the purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle. You can combine your resources to make your loan payments lower and easier for you. With grants and donations, the amount that you will borrow from a financing company will be lower. Combine that with a shorter period to pay for the loan and you will be living with ease and able to go around in comfort.


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