How To Position Your Vehicle Mirrors

Positioning your vehicle mirrors is not a difficult task but a very important one to do before you drive your vehicle. Whether it is a car or a motorbike, your mirrors need proper positioning.

Your mirrors must be cleaned for good visibility. Your mirror would tell you the distance from your car of the other cars on the road. You would see them without twisting your head and craning your neck. The driver's side mirror is positioned correctly when the driver can just see barely the side of his car but can see the other cars on the road. You can say that the passenger side mirror is properly positioned when you can just barely see the passenger's side of the car in the mirror.

Whether your car has convex or concave side mirrors, the manner by which they are positioned is the same. When you adjust the mirrors you see only the edge of your car. Set properly in the driver's seat then lean your head against the driver's side window to turn the driver's side mirror so that you just barely see the side of your car. For the passenger side mirror, the driver moves to the center of the vehicle in order to turn the passenger side mirror. The correct way is to just barely see the passenger's side of your car in the mirror. 

The rearview mirror should be positioned correctly so that the driver could see out of the rear window. When changing lane without getting in another driver's way, the vehicles mirrors are very important.

When your mirrors are well-positioned you will not have to turn your head as far to check for blind spots. The wide-view side mirror gives you the ability to merge with traffic flow on a highway. It is also your side mirror that enables you to monitor the traffic entering the highway as you pass interchanges. Your rearview mirror, if correctly positioned, enables you to see the headlights of the vehicle you want to pull in front.

If your vehicle mirrors are correctly positioned the point of view of the overtaking vehicle doesn't matter. The mirrors still work the same.

The side view mirrors are made to show objects to the side of your car. They may be adjusted so the side of the car may be seen on the inside edge of the mirror. To adjust the driver side mirror while you are inside the car, roll up the window and adjust the mirror. Remember that the adjustment would only be up to a point where you can just see the edge of the car.

To adjust the passenger side mirror, move to the center of the car so that you can reach the mirror outside and can be adjusted just enough to see the edge of the car. In normal driving position, you can see other vehicles on the adjoining lanes but you will not see the sides of the car.


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