How To Prepare Drag Race Cars

Drag racing is one of the most aggressive sports in the world. All types of vehicles such as vintage cars, motorcycles and trucks race to be the first to cross the finish line. Basically, drag races initiate with an immobile start, and they are normally 1320 feet or ¼ mile long. Drag racing is an aggressive sport, and it simply means that the danger is always there. If you are interested in joining any drag racing event, it is very important to prepare yourself and the drag race car you are going to use. Here are some useful guidelines on how to prepare drag race cars:

  1. First you need to prepare the safety gear such as fireproof attire, a helmet and a fire extinguisher. Safety should always come first, not only in drag racing but in everything you do.
  2. Check your car's battery, cooling system, tire pressure, fluids and torque wheel lug nuts. Make sure your car's cooling engine is working accurately to reduce the risk of overheating. 
  3. If you want your car to run faster, you need to consider buying RC injectors and extra turbo. RC injectors are obtainable for a wide array of automotive and motorcycle engines utilized in high-performance racing.
  4. Select tires that are well-matched to the surface of the racing track.
  5. Don't forget to check your car's gas. You can buy leaded or unleaded RGAS. It all depends on what type of converter your car has. If your car has catalytic converters, then do not use leaded gas.
  6. Allow the drag racing officers to inspect your drag race car. Your drag race car should pass the requirements before joining any drag racing event. This will contribute a lot to your safety.
  7. Don't forget to turn your car's engine on before the drag race, most especially if you will be using an old type of car. Make sure to change the spark plug wires and spark plugs before racing.
  8. Now, it is time to get in the line. You are allowed to carry out a burnout. Burnout allows your tires to heat up and positions rubber down at the start of the race track.
  9. Watch the drag race staging lights, popularly known as the "Christmas Lights", carefully as you wait for the start of the drag race.  Check other car race drivers and find out how they react to the lighting order.
  10. Let the officials know whether you are going to use the water box or not before the drag racing starts.
  11. Perform the burnout (heating of tires). It will only not help to remove the dirt from your tires before the drag racing starts but helps your car to grip the road surface better.
  12. Focus and let your adrenaline start pumping.

If you are interested in joining any drag racing event, then keep yourself informed of the latest news, pictures, results, and schedules in NASCAR first. NASCAR will definitely inspire you to participate in this aggressive sport. Just remember to follow the safety guidelines.


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