How To Prevent Your Car From Getting Stolen or Broken Into

Most people get their cars stolen or broken into for the simplest of reasons. They left the keys inside, or left their bags in plain view, or have valuables on the dashboard. Having a wallet in plain sight loaded with cash is a sure way to attract a burglar.

Keep valuables in the glove box or trunk. It’s best to keep these away from peering eyes. This is a good practice, even if you’re just having your car cleaned. This would be a great idea if ever you need to leave your car for extended periods, such as going on vacations or trips. Just don’t leave your electronic gadgets for extended periods, especially during hot weather, as these will cook to a crisp.

Lock the doors and windows. This should be basic, but some people still forget to lock their car doors when they get into the house, shop or office. You should also keep windows rolled up even in very hot days, because even a small gap makes it very easy for a potential thief to insert a hook and unlock your door.

Never leave your car keys in the ignition. This is also straightforward enough. If you are forgetful, then invest a few cents in a good key chain or carabiner hook, which you can use to keep your keys handy on your belt or hooked to your bag.

Install an alarm. If you have an expensive car, then more likely than not you already have a good alarm installed. New technologies like the On-Star lets authorized third party providers track your car online. Some systems can even transmit a signal that will disable a car’s electrical systems once reported stolen. For newer cars they are offered as options to boost security. For older cars, meanwhile, these can be installed as add-ons. Some examples include the lo-jack system, which are welded onto the frame older cars so they can be tracked if they are reported stolen.

Install a high end alarm for a classic car.  It may ruin that classic, especially if everything is stock. But with professional installation, having an alarm system can give you extra peace of mind. Some additional add-ons you can have are glass etching, which permanently etches a serial number or your license plate number onto the glass parts of the car, which makes it unusable for car thieves who sell stolen cars for parts.

Lock your steering wheel. This can sometimes be time consuming, but it’s a simple system that can hinder potential thieves, because even if these can be broken into, it takes some time to break or unlock a steering wheel implement. The extra seconds or minutes might spell the difference between thieves running off with your car or getting caught by authorities.

Call the police in case of theft. If you witness your car being stolen or broken into, avoid attempting to catch the thief yourself, as you might be endangering your own life. Report a stolen vehicle or a break-in immediately. In these cases, time is of the essence. Let the police do their work and stay out of trouble.


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