How To Pump Flat Tires

My article is all about how to pump flat tires. It's a step-by-step instruction to get the best results.

Step 1

Buy or provide all the necessary tools. You will need certain items such as a pump to fix your flat tire before you can drive again.

Step 2

Remove the flat tires first before pumping your flat tire. Remove it by taking out the nuts and screws. You can't pump it without removing the tires first. Just remember all the things you loosened to take the tire off.

Step 3

Remove the outer skin of the tire. This is done by simply loosening it and pulling every radii of the tire. Just be careful about using sharp objects on your tire.

Step 4

Try to take out the interior tire. Sink it in deep water to check if it's going to bubble and look for the small hole of the tire. Get a piece of rubber and a rubber paste and stick it on the hole. Press it hard on the covered hole.

Step 5

Put it all back and then use an electric pump to pump air fast. Check your gauge pressure after the tire is back on.

Flat tires can be fixed if you just follow the instructions.


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