How To Recognize Types of Vehicle Warning Lights

You were driving on the road and you are tired from a day’s work, suddenly you see a flashing light on the side of the road. You were jolted awake and found out that there was a guy who got into an accident in that area. This has prompted you to fully be aware of how you are driving. Most vehicle warning lights have already saved hundreds of lives from mishaps. They have been used in national services and for personal purposes.

Here is how identify the types of emergency lights that you might see on the road.

  • Police Strobe Light Bar – The police force vehicles use this to be able to pass through major highways and traffic in case of an emergency. The emergency lights scream to make way for them so they can save a human being or stop a crime. When you see a police car lighted in such a way then let them pass, a minute less delay could change everything.
  • Super Flare Led Safety Light – This is usually used by firefighters and rescuers for fire victims and disaster areas. The LED light notifies people of the danger that they face and informs them where they are for quick assistance. These are used as siren lights.
  • Dash Beacon Light – Dashboard lights like this have a hook for mounting and an electric cord switch plus a suction product. It is used in small vehicles, cars, etc. to flash signal alerts that are so bright nobody will miss it. The usual battery runs for months.
  • Warning Lamp Device – This is used in motorcycles and small vehicles. It is contoured in a sort of an L shape connected to the seat. It is used for signaling which location the vehicle will be swerving or going to. It can be easily moved and adjusted due to its versatile connections.
  • Bicycle Safety Lights – Bikers are usually injured when they have some trouble and have to park on the side of the ride. On dark nights, you cannot blame cars or truck drivers if they cannot see these people and eventually hit them. It is extremely important for you to get a safety light. Safety lights are flashing red, amber or orange lights that flash as emergency lights to ensure you will be seen. It can run on a battery, so it is best to have them handy.
  • Tail Light Flashers – Placed in the rear of a car, it flashes the rear brake lights to add to the warning light you already have. This type of light is long lasting and has different flash formulas.

It is best to get warning lights for your car, your bike or any vehicle you have. It might cost you a bit for personal use but it can be something that could keep you safe. You could also help in keeping others away from harm. You need to invest in precautions in life because life is not accident proof. Get the right one and go on the right highway.


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