How To Recycle Motor Oil

Recycling your motor oil saves you from having problems in your car, because dirty motor oil can clog up your engine and prevent your car from running efficiently. Recycling your car's motor oil can thus save you time and money. Also, recycling is one way of helping to conserve resources. Used motor oil can be reused as fuel for heating furnaces, or as lubricating oils. It can also be re-utilized in power plants for generating electricity. Doing simple eco-friendly practices such as this can be a big boost to your community, country, and the whole world. Imagine if everyone would be responsible enough to do this, we could save a lot of energy that can be used for other purposes. Recycling motor oil is not a hard task either.

  1. Refer to your car’s manual to locate the drain plug and how to remove it properly. Take note to use a glove when draining the motor oil to protect your hands from burns (sometimes the engine and oil are hot) and stains. Prepare a container with a tight lid big enough to hold all of the drained oil. While draining the oil, put a pan under it so that it can prevent the excess oil from dropping onto the floor.
  2. Change the oil filter, then reinstall the drain plug. Your filter contains oil residuals, so it is necessary to change and drain it too. Use the pan or the old motor oil container for the excess oil. Removing it can be a little tedious so you might need tools like a filter wrench.  Refer again to the owner’s manual on how to install a new oil filter and how to replace the drain plug properly.
  3. Label the used motor oil container. The container you used to drain the old motor oil should be sealed tightly and labeled as ‘used motor oil’. This container should be separated from other automobile materials so they do not get mixed up.
  4. Look for facilities or sites that buy or take used motor oils. Ask around for facilities near your community that accept used motor oils for recycling. Check with to help you locate a few places where you can bring motor oil, even your old oil filter. Just be sure that the used motor oil in the container is not contaminated with other fluids, because they will not accept it.

Don’t just dump your used motor oil in your backyard or in your sewer. It will damage your community’s water system and contaminate your water. Who wants to drink water with oil in it?


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