How To Remove a Speeding Ticket from Your Record

No one wants to have a speeding ticket. One, it generally is a nuisance. Two, it accrues points against you. And three, it appears in your driving record. The more tickets you have, the more points are going to be reflected in your record, and that means increased insurance rates and ugly odds in finding a driving-related job. Worse, your license might even be suspended. Therefore, if you receive a speeding ticket, you must do everything you can to remove it from your driving record. And here are some tips.

  1. Innocently discuss with the officer your violation. The trick here is to appear oblivious to your violation, as if you were innocent, as if you didn’t know you actually violated a traffic rule. This will help you during the trial. But remember not to enter into any kind of argument with the officer. Just acknowledge that you are being ticketed, but don’t own up to the violation. When talking to the officer, make sure to keep your cool. Don’t use any offensive word and keep your tone friendly and relaxed.
  2. Gather evidence. Collect pieces of evidence that will support your ignorance. This doesn’t mean, however, that you fabricate evidence. What you need is to take note of things that may help you with your trial later. These might be traffic signs and testimonies from witnesses.
  3. Appear on the trial day. Show up in your trial. Disregarding it will really work against you. Before appearing in the court, make sure that you are ready with your details. Organize your words and all your evidence. Also, be in appropriate clothes and keep a confident attitude. And don’t forget to remind yourself to appear ignorant and your goal of removing the ticket from your record.
  4. Plead “Not guilty.” Again, declare your ignorance by pleading “Not Guilty.” A fine will be demanded of you, but you will get it back if the case is dismissed or if a “Not guilty” verdict is finalized.
  5. Respect the judge’s decision. Whatever the judge’s decision is, accept and honor it. If the judge requires you to attend traffic classes, do so. This will remove the points from your record, although the ticket itself will be reflected in your driving record. If you have to pay for the fine, do so as well. 

Remember that depending on your state, the ticket will appear in your record for up to three years. So make sure to win your case. But then again, it is better to prevent committing violations than working to remove them from your driving record. Therefore, try to abide by the speed limit at all times. Also, obey all traffic rules. Keep in mind that the more serious your violation is, the more points you will accrue. And that means a bad driving record. Particularly, the serious violations you want to avoid are driving under the influence of alcohol and reckless drinking. These two will be reflected in your record for, at the very least, 10 years.


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