How To Remove Cigarette Odor

Cigarette odor has the capacity to linger inside your house or vehicle for a long time. Aside from the disgusting smell, the odor can pose several health risks especially if you have children at home. However, as much as you avoid it, there will be instances that this stinking odor will be present. When this happens, don’t fret. Cigarette odor can be completely eliminated from your home or car’s interior.

Air fresheners do not stand a chance of defeating the odor of cigarette smoke inside. There are special strategies that you must do in order to successfully remove the odor of cigarette. Read on and find out effective ways to help you in removing cigarette odor in your home or vehicle:

  • Open the windows. Break open several windows of the house or the car. The more windows are opened, the more fresh air you can expect to come inside. For the sake of eliminating cigarette odor, try to leave all the windows open for a whole day.
  • Remove the odor from the following:
    • Upholstered furniture pieces. Pour baking soda directly into the upholstered furniture and let the powder sit there overnight. The following morning, vacuum the furniture so that the baking soda will be removed. Same is true for removing cigarette odor in rugs and carpets.
    • Garments. Grab a plastic bag and place small garments inside. Add around three dryer sheets and leave that as is for two days. You can expect that the garments will smell better after taking them off from the bag. For larger garments like coats and sweaters, use five dryer sheets and large trash bags.
    • Washable garments. Wash them the normal way but together with the detergent, add around half a cup of vinegar. The vinegar will help eliminate the odor of the cigarette from the garments.
    • Vehicle. Leave a bowl of vinegar inside the vehicle for the night. Liberally sprinkle baking soda into the seats and carpets overnight, too. Vacuum the whole interior of the vehicle in the morning.
  • Remove the odor from the air. Prepare vinegar, activated charcoal, or pine-scented cleaner in small bowls. Set bowls in various locations at home. Make sure that they are out of reach of children and pets. When placed in a room, close the room off for a night. Another way to eliminate odor from the air is through the use of citrus fruits. Fill a cooking pot with enough amount of water and then add several slices of different citrus fruits like lime, lemon, and orange. Allow it to simmer the whole day. The scent coming from the pot will provide a refreshing smell to your house.
  • Purify the air. If money is not that much of an issue for you, use air cleaners or purifiers in rooms where the odor of cigarette stinks. The technology being used by modern air purifiers will help you immediately and efficiently eliminate the odor at home.

Once you have successfully eliminated the odor of cigarette smoke in your home or vehicle, you can already enjoy the freshness of the space. With this, you can invite friends and relatives in without fearing that they will know the stinking secrets inside your home or vehicle.


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