How To Remove Grease and Oil From a Car's Interior

Car powerwash

Spilling grease or oil on the upholstery in your car is fairly common, but don't worry - there's an easy way to clean up grease and oil. 

The first step is to scrape up any excess grease or oil; these products often leave a thick film when they're spilled, and scraping off of the excess with a plastic spoon or paint scraper will make the rest of the cleanup much simpler.

Once you have removed all of the grease or oil, you now want to treat the area with chemicals. You could use any stain removing product, such as a laundry pre-treatment or a carpet cleaner. Simply spray or pour the stain remover over the affected area. Allow the stain to be lifted before moving on to the next step.

Blot the chemicals with a dry paper towel and follow this by blotting the area with a damp, warm sponge. Repeat this process one or two times, and allow the spot to dry. This should take care of the grease or oil stain on your fabric.

If you are trying to remove grease or oil from the carpet of your automobile, the instructions differ. Here is how to remove oil and grease from your car's carpet.

First, remove the stain from the carpet by scraping or blotting off the grease or oil, just like you did on the upholstery. Then, take a brown paper bag and place it over the stain. Make sure that the glossy side is facing up. Next, take a warm iron and gently go over the oil or grease spot.

For the final step, remove the paper bag and wash the affected area with carpet shampoo. Then remove the carpet shampoo with a dry towel. This should take the stain out as easily as it was put there.

It doesn't matter whether you spilled oil on your chair, or stepped in grease and dragged it onto the carpet, you will have no trouble getting it out as long as you act quickly.


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