How To Remove Grease Stains Inside a Car Trunk

Most of us carry our tool boxes, hydraulic jacks, spare tires and other car repair supplies inside our trunk so having grease stains is nothing new. The trunk is probably the part of the car that receives the least attention when cleaning. Unlike the car’s body and the interior, the owner of the car is probably the only person who gets to see what’s inside. This leaves the trunk as one of the filthiest parts of the car – not that most people care enough to be bothered by this, though.

If the stains on your car trunk are already getting to you, you may want to follow these steps to clean the mess up yourself.

  • Vacuum loose dirt. Just like in any process to remove stains on any surface, the top most layer of the car trunk has to be first cleaned. Using a vacuum cleaner, clear the field of any loose debris, dirt or any other thing that could hinder you from cleaning the surface. These loose materials can be embedded onto your car trunk’s lining if you don’t remove them before getting the surface wet.
  • Dishwashing solution. Water will not be effective against grease since the stain doesn’t dissolve in water. A common household item that could get rid of grease stains though is a generous helping of dishwashing solution. These cleaners are designed to strip surfaces of grease and oil so these should work like a charm for the trunk of your car.
  • Using a damp piece of cloth, damp the stained area lightly making sure that the soap seeps in unto the surface to be cleaned. Do not push too hard on the surface, because doing this can force the stain through the fabric where it would be much harder to remove. Once this happens, you might have to change the lining to get rid of the stain.
  • Scrub. You may now use a scrub brush to work a lather on the surface. Use a circular movement to minimize damage to the fabric. Going horizontal and vertical exclusively can pull and warp the fabric.
  • Get another piece of damp cloth and dab the surface again. This should allow you to pull up the stain easily. If you can’t, you might have used too little of the dishwashing solution. You may add more to achieve the desired results.
  • Dry the trunk. Once the stain has been lifted off the surface, leave the trunk open to dry. Do not try to dry the surface with a hair dryer. The excess heat from the dryer can warp the fabric cause the color of the lining to change.
  • To prevent similar incidents from ever happening again, add a protective plastic or foil covering to protect the insides of your trunk. That way, cleaning up is as easy just removing that protective film and gives it a good rinse.

If you have felt tired after reading this article and think that it’s something that you can’t do yourself, don’t fret. There are auto detailing shops that can do trunk degreasing for you for a small fee. 


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