How To Remove Melted Chocolate from Upholstery

Most people try to keep their cars as clean as possible, but if you have a toddler then you know that accidents do happen. Melted chocolate is a big problem when it gets into the upholstery, especially in the summer. You might think that you'd have to take the whole car to get detailed, but don't make that appointment just yet!  It's actually quite simple to clean up a mess like this. Below are simple instructions on removing melted chocolate from upholstery, whether in a car or in a house.

The first step in removing melted chocolate is to allow it to harden. It is a lot easier to clean up hardened chocolate than melted chocolate. Allowing it to harden in its place will make the clean up much easier, and will keep the chocolate mess contained in one spot. If the chocolate happens to be on a car's upholstery in the middle of summer, put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and hold this against the stain until it hardens.

Next, take a blunt knife and scrape up all the hardened chocolate. Make sure the knife is not too sharp, as it could ruin the upholstery. Using something such as a butter knife will ensure that your fabric does not get ruined in this process.

The next step involves a soft brush and carpet cleaner. Make sure you read the back of the carpet cleaner bottle before spraying it on any surface, as you do not want to stain your upholstery. Take the carpet cleaner and spray over the remaining chocolate.  You want it to be wet but not dripping or soaked. Then, take the brush and gently rub the stain. This will allow the remaining chocolate to be taken up.

Finally, take a damp rag or sponge and gently wipe the area. Allow the spot to dry, and you will have chocolate free upholstery once again.

This is a fast and effective way to clean up messy chocolate. It is also cost efficient, and easy to do over and over again. So the next time you have a little accident in the car or your child decides to get his candy bar everywhere but his mouth, don't panic! Cleaning up the melted chocolate is easier than expected.  It only takes a few common household cleaning products and time. If you follow the instructions above you are sure to have a clean car, sofa, or chair once again.


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