How To Remove Tar from Your Vehicle

One of the first things that you will learn as a car owner is that your vehicle will be in contact with plenty of dirt as you use your car on the road. Apart from sand, dirt, and grime, one of the things that commonly come in contact with a vehicle is tar. Tar is still used in road making today, and when freshly applied to the road, can splatter onto your vehicle. Here’s how you can remove the tar stains from your car.

Initial cleaning. First, you will need to remove the excess dirt from your car. If you have travelled through tar, chances are that the tar patch in your car will act as a dirt magnet that will attract dust and will cling to debris such as small pebbles, dried leaves, and even candy wrappers. Use a bucket filled with warm and soapy water to remove this dirt, and rinse off until only the stubborn layer of tar is left on the car. Use a blower to dry the car, or allow to air dry. You can use cloth to dry off the car except the parts where there is tar, since the cloth fibers will sometimes stick to the tar.

Household cleaning materials. There are a lot of everyday objects in the house which you can use to treat tar stains in your car. Some of these are vegetable oils, bath oils, butter, mayonnaise, and even peanut butter. Usually, oily substances have a softening effect on tar which makes the tar very easy to remove. Keep in mind, however, that these household cleaning materials are best used if the tar is still fresh. Tar that has thoroughly dried up is usually very difficult to remove. If you plan on using peanut butter, the creamy variety is best since this has the highest oil content. You may need to combine the peanut butter with a dollop of elbow grease in order to make the peanut butter softer and easier to apply on your car.

Sitting. Whatever household cleaning materials you use, you will need to allow it to sit on the tar stain in your car for at least twenty four hours. The household cleaning materials are very gentle and will not damage even the layer of paint in your car. However, they also need some time to work. Be sure to park your car in the garage while letting the household cleaning materials sit.

Wipe. Afterwards, simply wipe off the affected area with a soft and dry cloth.

Other cleaning techniques. For older tar stains that have already hardened on the surface of the car, you can use refined mineral spirits or kerosene to remove the hardened tar. Mineral spirits are potent solvents that will soften the tar stains in as little as five minutes of sitting time. After five minutes, you can wipe away the tar with a soft clean cloth. You will, however, need to reapply car wax after using mineral spirits, since these will bore away at the car wax as well.

As horrible as tar stains may seem on your car, it is actually fairly easy to remove. Through these steps, you should be able to do just that.


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