How To Remove Vomit Odor from a Car

Whether you have a sick child, a nature-loving dog, or just a drunk friend, the smell of vomit in your car may be a problem that you deal with way too often. In addition to the initial grossness of the problem, the smell of vomit has a way of lingering about your car for many days to come.  

The following hints are a few ways to get rid of the terrible odor of vomit and make your car safe to drive again.

Step 1

Clean the problem area. In order to tackle the root of the problem, you must go to the source of the smell. The area on which the vomit was first introduced is the initial starting place. Clean this spot with an ammonia cleaner or a product such as OdoBan to get rid of the debris and to take off the top layer of noxious fumes.

Step 2

Cleaning the steering wheelScrub the site. After the ammonia cleaner has been used, make a mixture of baking soda and water to use on the problem area. These two ingredients should form a paste that can be scrubbed onto the landing site. The baking soda works wonderfully in removing odors and offsetting the overall impact of the smell.

Step 3

Neutralize the smell. In order to fully get rid of the odor, a few things can be used. First of all, you can actually sprinkle baking soda over the area even after you have scrubbed it with the baking soda paste. In addition, an open container of baking soda can be left out to neutralize smells. Charcoal briquettes may also remedy your problem.  Charcoal briquettes (most commonly used in barbeque grills) absorb almost every smell within just a few days. Make sure to use untreated charcoal briquettes though or else you could have a whole new set of issues. Avoid using air fresheners, because they only temporarily mask the problem.

After using these tips, you should be able to tolerate your car's smell once again. Hopefully your run-in with this problem is a one-time event, but if it isn't, you now have an arsenal of odor-fighting weaponry to combat the powerful smells that could arrive again.


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i hope you made the person who vomited clean this up.

By James Goetz