How To Repair Broken Auto Glass

Auto glass is a vital part in a vehicle because without it, you would not be protected from road debris.  Just looking at this one purpose, it gives a conclusion that it is of great importance.

Now, what if the glass is broken or cracked? It would definitely make your car a mess, not only to its appearance but to your driving convenience, as well. To reverse this misfortune, why not get a glass repair? It will take only about 30 minutes and without effort.

DIY Versus Shop Repair

There are some problems in the windshield or window that are still eligible for repair. If the crack is just in the outside part of the glass, then it is still possible for DIY repair. You can buy a resin kit available in auto centers to help you out with this. You just need to follow the simple instructions that come with it.

However, you could also allow repair centers to do it for you. If you are concerned about the price, there is no harm in getting a price quote for the window repair or windshield repair. You can go to a local center or online store to get a price quote.

Usually, the windshield repair and window repair you do at home and the one that the repair centers do are almost identical. For the repair shops, the usual process goes this way:

  1. First, they apply a protective drape on the vehicle's body to protect it from damages. Afterwards, the damage is being inspected.
  2. A thorough cleaning process of the damage glass comes next.
  3. A special solution, called the resin, is used and applied to the damaged glass.
  4. With the use of a device, the resin is forced to harden.
  5. When the solution has hardened, extra resins are being scraped off and the glass is polished to achieve smoothness once again.

The Impossibility of Repair

Just when the hole goes through the vehicle's windshield or window, especially when the crack is more than six inches long, then a glass repair could not help it anymore. A total window or windshield replacement is already necessary. Replacement glass is available almost anywhere like in wholesale shops. You can get used window and windshield replacement glass from them at a good rate. Of course, you need to find the glass that suits your window tint. If not, you may just ask repair shops to achieve the same window tint as that of your vehicle.

Whether it is a glass repair or a replacement that you need, it is always better to do it as soon as you learned about the damage. This is because when you let the windows and windshield with such damage, there is always a big possibility that the damage could become worse. Not only that, your life will be in serious danger as well as the life of others if you keep on driving with a broken auto glass, not to mention the damage it will cost your car's appearance.


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