How To Repair Leaks in Air Suspension Bellows

Air suspensions are fast being implemented from trucks and buses to commercial passenger cars too. The comfort which is provided by these air suspension systems can never be matched with another other forms of suspension systems which have been included in the present generation vehicles. In this article we shall be looking into how to find out the leaks in the suspension system along with the common repair techniques which must be employed if indeed a leakage has been found.

Leaks are usually developed on the top and the bottom portions of the systems, where air is inlet and outlet. This is usually developed with the passage of time or when a sharp obstacle lying on the road punctures the systems. The other source of leakage in the system is in the main reservoir tank, especially towards the inlet and the outlet of the tank. Air is pumped into the system with the help of a compressor, and with the passage of time the compressor may also tend to get worn out. The pumping of air into the system will be reduced to drastic levels. There are also intricate valves in the system which may yield to the ill effects of time and may eventually wear out.

Proper caution must be taken such the ECU which controls the air pump does not go into the fault mode. Because if fault mode is set by the ECU for the suspension, then the resetting can be done only at the dealer.  Care must also be taken to ride to the nearest available dealer at the earliest without much time period to be lost. Make sure the speed of the vehicle is always maintained at a slow and steady pace, neither too much of acceleration or deceleration must be given.

The height of the ride will be decreased and extreme care and caution must be taken while riding over bumpy roads so as to avoid permanent damage to the electronic air suspension system. One of the irritating features is that the ECU tends to keep the EAS setting at hard fault mode even after the repairing of the system. The leaks in the air hose must be repaired by replacing the hose with a brand new one. The same is applicable to the sealing rings. Practically no repair can be done on the compressor, and it is wiser to take the ride to the nearest dealer so that they can look at it.


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