How To Repair Sagging Car Ceiling

As a car gets older, a lot of problems can definitely surprise you that you probably didn’t see coming. Changes in temperature inside the car typically wear down on the adhesives that attach the ceiling fabric to the top of the body after several years of use. Sagging ceilings in cars is never a good thing so much effort has to be exerted to remedy it as soon as possible. Though it might seem like a daunting task, it is actually achievable if you follow the succeeding steps:

  1. First, remove the ceiling lining from the car. This may prove to be a very difficult step because the adhesive that they use for this purpose makes it hard to pull out.  You may remove the border panels that secure the free edge of the ceiling and work your way to the middle from there. This also makes it easier for you because the middle is likely to be the loose part of the ceiling. If you find it hard to remove, you may actually cut away starting from the middle of the sagging area. If you’re truly committed to make the car look better, you’re better off buying new ceiling lining instead of using a warped piece of fabric. Dispose of the old damaged fabric properly.
  2. Clean the area underneath the ceiling. By now, the bare ceiling would have been exposed and this gives you the ability to scrape off uneven areas and clear the area of caked dirt and debris. This allows you to set the ceiling fabric flat and without lumps later on.
  3. With the ceiling stripped clean of foam, debris and dirt, spray a good amount of fabric adhesive on the surface where the fabric used to be. Use a liberal amount of the adhesive and try to do this in an even manner to ensure that the fabric will stick and set evenly once you’ve place it there.
  4. Now place the new fabric on top of the ceiling panel. You will be better off starting from the edges since errors from this side could easily be remedied by pulling it out and starting all over. Once you’ve set it the way you wanted it to look, lightly press on it by hand to even out the fabric across the ceiling. If you’re already happy with how the fabric is setting on the ceiling panel, you may then affix the border guards that protect the free edge of the fabric.
  5. Just like any other auto repair, if the sheer size of the job overwhelms you, you can always choose to have it done by a professional. This gives you a lot more time doing other things while your car gets a probably higher standard of service and care you personally couldn’t provide. Do expect though to pay a fairly high premium for the service.

If you’re willing to do it yourself though, kudos to you. Conduct regular checks on your ceiling fabric regularly to see if it’s sagging. Once that happens, you already know what to do.


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