How To Replace a Fuel Filter

If your vehicle is not running as smoothly as you think it should be, it might be time to replace the fuel filter.  Replacing the filter can help protect against future damage by filtering out the particles that might clog the fuel injection system. If you would like to do this yourself, I will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

First, make sure you have all the parts and equipment you need to get started.  You'll need a new fuel filter, new fuel line washers, open end wrenches, gloves, goggles, flat-head screwdriver and rags.  An auto parts store will be able to help you choose the right type of filter and washers for your vehicle, if you're unsure on how to do so.

Relieve the pressure that's built up in the fuel system.  If this isn't done before replacing the filter, fuel or parts can explode and cause serious injury.  You'll need to find the fuel pump fuse in the vehicle's fuse box, which is usually located just above the floor on the driver's side.  If there is no fuse box, find the fuel pump relay, then start the vehicle and pull the fuse or relay.  The vehicle will die, since there is no pressure in the fuel lines to fuel the engine.

Once done, it's time to remove the fuel filter.  Find two open end wrenches that are the same size as the fittings over the fuel filter.  With the wrench that fits on the filter itself, turn the other wrench towards you until the bolt holding the filter in place comes out.  You'll need to repeat the process for the other side of the fuel filter, as well, until all bolts holding the filter in place are removed.  Remove the filter carefully, and set aside - you may need the screwdriver to lift the filter from the clamp that might be holding it in place.

On the bolts you removed that hold the filter in place, find the washer that's attached and remove it, replacing with the new fuel washers you have already purchased.  Put one washer on each bolt - the other washer will go on after the fuel line is attached.  Place the new fuel filter in place of the old one, clamp back in place and replace the bolts and replace the fuel pump fuse or relay.

You've just replaced your fuel filter, and should be good to go!


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