How To Replace a Rearview Auto Mirror

One of the minor irritations that you might encounter with your car might involve a detached rearview auto mirror. However, this is one of the problems that you could easily address, and you wouldn’t need to hire a mechanic to have to do repairs. Here are some easy steps to replace your rearview auto mirror:

  1. Prepare the materials. The materials you’d need include a vehicle mirror adhesive (a good brand you can use is 3M); a scraper for removing the old adhesive from the car glass; a wrench or screwdriver; a crayon or any other marking pencil (that can be washed off glass easily); paper towel; and alcohol.
  2. Wait for the proper conditions to repair your car. Too much humidity or too much heat is not good, since these conditions would not let the mirror’s adhesive set strongly. Your safety mirror just might fall off again if you do repairs with these weather conditions, so make sure the weather is just warm and dry before you start your repairs.
  3. Using a wrench or a screwdriver, remove the mounting button attached to the glass of your car. Mark the mounting spot (which would still be indicated by residue adhesive) with a crayon, so you know where you’d replace your mirror later. Also, mark the button with a small arrow, so you know later when replacing it which way is up. Set this button aside (don’t lose it!).
  4. Use your scraper to remove all traces of adhesive from the glass. Then, wipe the spot with alcohol to make sure that oil, grease and dust are removed (if the spot is clean, it would make the adhesive set better). Do make sure that, after cleaning the spot, you wipe it very dry. Remaining moisture will not allow the adhesive to set well. 
  5. Squeeze the adhesive on to the mounting button, and then press the button to the car glass, right on the spot which you marked earlier. Hold it for about a minute, to make sure that it sets properly. Now that the button is secure on the glass, wait for about an hour for it to completely dry.
  6. Now, you are ready to replace the rearview vehicle mirror. Get the attachment piece and connect it with the mounting button. Press down until you hear a click and you know it’s attached properly. Some models require you to use a screwdriver to attach this piece to the button.
  7. Wipe down the mirror with alcohol, so it will be really clear and not have a cloudy look.

There you have it! These are really easy steps that you could follow to replace your rearview auto mirror. Even if you don’t consider yourself a seasoned auto repair person, you’d probably just take about 30 minutes to do all these steps yourself. And to get ready for any more car mirror emergencies, why not read up how to replace your side view mirror, signal mirror, safety mirror and electric mirror as well? Good luck!


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