How To Replace a Stripped Wheel Stud

It is important that we take care of the wheels of our cars, for smooth and hassle-free transportation. A lot of car accidents are attributable to defective wheels. Most of wheel problems are caused by lack of maintenance or by abusing the wheels. One way of taking care of your wheels is making sure that all its components are working properly as well. 

The wheels of cars rest upon bolts to keep them attached to the car. These bolts are called wheel studs. Lug nuts are used to fasten the wheel studs, so that the wheels will be held securely in place. There are usually five wheel studs for every wheel. 

Sometimes, a wheel stud might get stripped, or worn out and damaged. This means it is time to replace it. If the four other wheel studs are still working fine, then you might opt to leave them on, or you might want to replace all five at a time. Make sure that you have the proper wheel stud replacement, using the wrong one can cause more damage for sure. Use a jack to raise the part of the car where the stripped wheel nut is. Carefully remove the wheel and its hub. You can also opt to do the replacement without removing the hub from the car. Just make sure there's enough free space under the car to work in.

Next, you'll have to remove the wheel stud from the hub. This might be somewhat difficult, so be careful. You can use a hammer to remove the wheel stud. If you're not strong enough to hammer the stud by yourself, then by all means, ask someone stronger to help you. The other four studs might get inadvertently damaged while you're hammering away so covering them with something protective might be a wise idea. 

Insert the new wheel stud into its proper hole in the hub. Some car experts suggest that you use a hex nut to place the stud properly in place. This is different from the lug nut that will be used to fasten it to the hub later on. Afterwards, you can remove the hex nut and replace it with the lug nut. Others make use of an impact wrench to place the new wheel stud. Make sure that all the wheel studs are fastened tightly before you attempt putting back the wheel on to the hub.

There might be times when lug nuts will be difficult to remove when you are replacing your wheel studs. There are nut extractors that can be bought in most car parts stores. This will make the job much quicker. And while you're at it, you can do a routine check and see if any of of the other wheel studs in your car need replacing. There's nothing like worry-free driving, after all.


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