How To Replace a Windshield

Replacing a windshield can be one of those procedures that will have to be done throughout the life of your car.  It also can become one of the most expensive, especially if you pay someone to do it for you.  With the right tools and enough background knowledge, anyone should be able to replace a windshield with no problems. 

Step 1

Remove any and all trim around the window.  This is necessary to get to the seal that holds the glass to the car. 

Step 2

Take a long, sharp knife and cut along the rubber seal.  You want to make sure that the knife does not come into contact with any other piece on the car.

Step 3

Once the seal has been broken, you can place a suction cup on the outer portion of the glass and have someone gently push from the inside out.  Make sure you do this very carefully so that you do not make the glass shatter.

Step 4

The next step is very important.  Make sure you thoroughly clean the mounting surface for the new piece of glass.  After you have cleaned it, go ahead and install the new seal according to the directions that come with the specific product.

Step 5

Place a bead of windshield sealant across the length of the seal and with the suction cup, carefully install the new windshield in place.  Allow ample time to dry.  Place the trim back on and enjoy your new windshield.


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