How To Replace Hubcaps

Selecting your new hubcap

To replace your hubcaps, first you must determine whether the style and size you want to replace is available. If you happen be replacing only one hubcap because it was lost, you may have to check with the dealership where you bought your car. This will give you a better chance of finding a match to the other three hubcaps on your car. If your dealer no longer carries your style of hubcap, you could search for a matching hubcap online on such sites like Ebay. Just make sure if you are purchasing online that you find out what the return policy or return procedures are in case the hubcap does not fit your tire. If you are purchasing the hubcap yourself at a store, some stores will allow you to make sure it will fit by replacing it the hubcap on-site.

Replacing the hubcap

Inspect the remaining hubcaps on the tires of the car; determine how they are attached to the tire. Some hubcaps simply snap on; others are placed on the tire with screws. Some hubcaps also require you to take the lug nuts off first before removing the hubcap.

If it is the type of hubcap that snaps on, place a crowbar to the edge of the hubcap and pull it off.

If your hubcap is attached with screws, find the proper screwdriver for the screw in question and remove the hubcap. If you need to take the lug nuts off, make sure you remove all the lug nuts before trying to remove the hubcap to keep from damaging it. You can remove the lug nuts with a ratchet and socket, or you can use a lug wrench end to remove the lug nuts.

When you install the hubcap, remember to align the valve stem to the proper spot to insure a proper fit.  Be certain that the hubcap fits well into the wheel without any loose spots. Before you drive your car, make sure the hubcap fits properly to the tire. If it is loose in any way, when you drive your car, the hubcap could come right off of the tire. The proper fit is very important, so it's worth taking a little extra time to make sure you've got it right.


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