How To Replace Your ABS Relay Controller

The “anti-lock braking system” or ABS was developed by car manufacturers to enhance driving safety and prevent vehicular accidents. It is a safety feature that automatically activates to prevent over-steering which causes a car to slip depending on different road conditions. This ABS controlling system was applied in aircrafts long before it was used in cars since the early 90’s. The ABS was first developed by French automobile and aircraft experts in 1929.

The ABS controller, also known as the “control anti-lock brake” is connected to break sensors in each wheel and the hydraulic valves where it sends digital signals from the wheels to the controller and then activates the safety feature of the car.

If the ABS controller needs to be replaced, there are a few pointers to be considered first before you replace the ABS:

  1. You must purchase a new ABS kit for replacement and wear safety gears for preparation. Make sure that the part needed to be swapped is compatible to avoid part replacement problems.
  2. Disconnect the negative wire from the battery to avoid ground and electric hazard. It is advisable to wear rubber gloves in the process because it is very important for safety measures and prevents short circuiting of fuses.
  3. Then, you need to know where the old ABS kit is placed. Open the hood and check for the ABS controller box. The ABS controller is commonly located under the front hood of the vehicle near the engine. Knowing your car well and its parts is an advantage in ABS replacement.
  4. After locating the ABS box, remove the screws that hold the ABS box intact to open it up and you will see different colored wires and a fuse box with other electrical components connected to it.
  5. Look for the ABS relay kit which looks like the one you have bought as the replacement and then remove the fuses first and put them in a systematic way to avoid mismatch. Then disconnect the wires connected to the main ABS relay controller for removal.
  6. Lift the latches that are clipped in the ABS relay controller and carefully yank it to loosen it up a bit. Slowly lift the ABS relay controller in an upward direction so that it would not possibly cause damage to the other components that should stay in one piece.
  7. After removing the ABS relay controller, open the newly bought replacement kit package and check for factory damages. After checking, carefully put the replacement where the old ABS relay controller was located. Position the kit and put the fuses in their respective places.
  8. Reconnect the wires to the ABS relay controller box. Fasten the hinges and latches then carefully cover the container box. Put the screws back in and double check each of it if it screwed hand tight. Check the whole container unit to be sure that the ABS unit is fixed in place.
  9. Reconnect the negative wire to the negative side of the car battery and turn on any of the light switches to make sure that the wire is properly connected and the car is working.
  10. Start the car and rev it up a bit to prepare for a test drive.


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