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Get Tips for Selling Car Parts to Auto Repair Shops and More

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You and your car have gone on a lot of memorable journeys. Remember how many miles you traveled and all the dough you spent through the years on it? But the day when you have to say goodbye to your ‘companion' of so many years does come. It could be that you want to replace it with a newer and better model. Or it may just be that it has decided to be ‘uncooperative' when you want to use it.

If you want to get the most out of this situation, you could salvage what car parts can still be used and resell them. A lot of them may be taken, cleaned and resold as "recycled" car parts. You can find a lot of sites on the Internet that buy and sell them. They polish them, test them and resell them again at a profit, especially if they are still in good condition.

With the current economy, selling those parts may bring in a little more cash that could stretch your budget a bit. Old parts are hunted by many collectors. And car repair shops are always on the lookout for used, hard-to-find parts that they could use.

Here's how you can go about reselling your car parts.

  1. Look for stores that sell used car parts. Go around your neighborhood and be on the lookout for local auto repair shops, businesses and stores that are interested. Surf the net for buyers of used  parts. Get their contact details (email address, contact number and address) and compile them in a list.
  2. Make a list of what you plan to resell. Include their age, make and present quality when selling parts. It would help if you research a bit on them (enough to know which are easily available and which ones are hard-to-find).
  3. Take good quality photos of what you are going to resell. From your previous research, you would know from which angle you should take the photo that would easily catch the interest of potential buyers.
  4. Contact the resale stores. Contact your local stores and ask them if they are interested in accepting items. Inform them that you have some parts that you are interested in reselling.
  5. Send emails. You could also send emails to all those used car parts stores from the list you created earlier. Don't forget to attach the list of items that you are reselling and the photos you took of them.
  6. Post the car parts you are reselling. You could sell car parts on or on eBay. These selling portals enjoy good traffic from those interested in cars and their parts. Put up an ad with the car parts for sale and describe the them in the ad.

After all that effort, you will probably get a call or an email after a few days from interested buyers.


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