How To Safely Remove Fine Scratches from Your Car's Paint

Removing paint scratches

For many people, the car is more than just a vehicle for transportation. Many people invest heavily in their cars, choose their cars carefully, and eventually grow attached to their cars. If you want to keep your car in prime condition, you should remove the fine scratches that cars get from regular wear and tear. Here's how.

Wash. begins by washing the car thoroughly. No matter how clean the car looks like, remember that there will probably be plenty of microscopic dirt and grime attached to the car. You need to remove all of these so that the surface of the car where the clear coat is applied is left bare. Only when the clear coat layer is bare will you be able to apply the car waxes that will fill in and occupy the ridges from the scratches in the car paint scratches.  Water down your car with a garden hose and use a soft sponge dipped in warm soapy liquid to clean the car.

Dry. Afterwards, dry down the car using a soft and clean piece of cloth. Drying down the car is necessary since any moisture on the car can dilute the wax that will be used to treat the small scratches in the car. If you have a blower, you can also use this to dry the car down.

Car waxes. Next, choose a high quality car wax to polish your car with. Remember that the car wax is not designed to simply make the car glossier. A high quality car wax will also remove fine scratches once the wax fills in the lines in the car scratches. There are plenty of car waxes in the market, but not all will remove fine scratches. The best products are those that have received positive reviews from other users. Check the internet for this. Some of the products that you can use include Turtle Wax and Meguiar's ScratchX.

Rub. Place a dime sized amount of car wax on the pad that comes with the car wax. Gently rub the wax into the area where the scratches are found. Make sure that you do this carefully, since there are harsh chemicals in the car wax that can sometimes bore through the paint layer in the car when it is rubbed too thoroughly onto the surface of the car paint. Some car waxes work by filling in the scratches with the wax, while others work by removing the surface layer of the clear coat so that the surface of the car is evened out. However way the car wax works, be sure to rub in the product carefully.

Polish. Afterwards, take a clean piece of terry cloth and use it to gently polish the car. The terry cloth will give the car the glossy and glass-like finish that most car owners want on their car. You can also use car sprays to add more shine to your car.

With these steps, removing the fine lines and scratches on your car's paint job is possible. With just an hour or two, you should be able to restore your car to its original beauty.


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