How To Salvage Auto Parts

Maintaining an automobile, whether new or old, can be very costly. Back in the day, when an auto part broke down, the only option you had to get your automobile back in shape was to replace the part with a brand new one. Nowadays, there are tons of avenues you can explore that can provide you practical ways to rejuvenate the running condition of your jalopy. Here are a couple of tips on how to salvage or find inexpensive auto parts for your automobile.

Save money on used parts.

Many automobile owners replace their auto parts on a regular basis even if these parts are still functioning efficiently. What these people probably do not know is that these used parts are usually reconditioned and sold to a multitude of people that would rather save money on used parts than purchasing costly brand new parts. These used or reconditioned parts can still perform at the same level of brand new parts. Sourcing these can be challenging but can save you a lot of cash that you would much rather spend on gas.

Start with visiting your local salvage and junkyards. These places often have a lot of used spare parts just lying around. They usually buy these parts from automobile owners, mechanics, and shops. They recondition the part if needed and sell it at hugely discounted prices. You can probably save up to 75% in auto parts just by sifting through their wares. These places practically sell any part available. You can even sell your own used part if you want to salvage some of your old auto parts as well. From reconditioned shock absorbers and car starters to slightly used spark plugs and wiper blades, these places should have it.

If you can’t seem to find the specific part you need in these places, the next option would be the Internet. There are probably thousands of online marketplaces where they sell used or replacement auto parts. Some of these sites will even offer free delivery.,, and are some of the popular online markets you can check out. They offer a huge database of auto parts with easy search options.

These options can be risky since you can only see pictures of the part before you purchase it but most of these sites have some sort of purchase guarantee or replacement warranty.

Surplus parts are also brand new.

Giant automobile parts manufacturers are usually contracted by automobile manufacturers to produce auto parts specifically for the automobiles they will be selling to the consumer. Typically, these auto parts manufacturers have to produce a certain number of units of a specific part to fulfill the contract with the automobile manufacturer. Normally, these auto parts manufacturers will produce at least 30-50% more parts than they are contracted to produce. They do this to offset a percentage of the production that does not pass the quality standards. Most of the time they produce more than contracted and this is called a surplus production. The surplus production is then sold at reduced prices to various surplus auto parts distributors to be sold commercially. Surplus parts usually sell at 20%-30% of the normal brand new units being sold.

Sourcing for surplus parts is as easy as sourcing for used or reconditioned parts. There are thousands of local and international distributors that you can purchase from. There are also thousands of online marketplaces dealing with surplus parts as well. and are some of the more popular online markets for surplus auto parts.

There are tons of deals that can get your automobile running just like new. You can salvage or source surplus auto parts easily. There are some risks, but if you do your research and ensure that your supplier is trustworthy, you will save a lot of money.


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