How To Scrap Your Junk Car

In this day and time, trash can actually become treasure.  This is ever more so true when it comes to junk cars.  With our country so big on recycling, the steel and metal that is found on junk and scrap cars can be taken to a junkyard or salvage company which in turned can be used again as recycled material.  The best way to junk your scrap car is to take it to a salvage yard where in most cases they will give you several hundred dollars for your junk car.

Everybody has some kind of junkyard or salvage yard in their area.  Over the past couple of years the salvage industry has seen a huge boom as people have to turn to them to sell their scrap metals such as brass, copper, and aluminum.  A scrap car has loads of aluminum and metal on it and the junkyard will strip the junker down and make money off of it.  They will pay you by the weight of the car.  You can easily go online and find a junkyard in your area or simply ask around.

With selling scrap and junk cars becoming so big in the past couple of years, it has had a very positive effect as far as cleaning areas of stray cars.  This is very prevalent in very rural areas.  In these types of areas, people will discard junk cars on the side of the road and at dumpster sites.  When they realized that they could get money for their junk cars, their tunes changed.  "Why throw it on the side of the road when I can take it to junkyard and get some cash for it?"  At the junkyard they will be able to tell you if the whole car is good or not.  In some cases the junkyard will come straight to you and tow it away.  One thing that you want to do is get all of the good parts off of the car before you go to salvage it.  Some of those parts can still be working and there is a possibility that you can get a good price for them separately.

Another thing that you want to consider is just if the car is junk or not.  What you might think is junk might be something good to an auto dealer or garage.  The car might have some bad fender damage and you think that it is no good but the garage will be able to fix it and get a lot more money for it then what he gave you.  Take that into account.

There is no need to just discard your scrap car on the side of the road or off a cliff or what not.  You can simply go to your local junkyard or salvage lot and they will be more than willing to give you some money for your junker.  They give you money for your junk, then they turn around and sell the scrap metal to make some money.  It comes out good for both parties in the end.


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