How To Select Low Rider Tricycles

Low rider tricycles have become very popular nowadays and you can see them on the road in large numbers. They also appear in various media. There are numerous advertisements and articles in magazines and newspapers about low riders. These motorcycles have also invaded the cinema and television. Some popular reality TV shows focus on builders and the creation of these motorcycles.

Selecting low rider tricycles is hard because of the decisions and the expense that go with it. However, the amount of information available and people knowledgeable on low rider tricycles is enormous. There is no doubt that any person who really wants to get one or make one can do so.

Low rider tricycles are modified two-wheeled motorcycles. Their design is inspired by low rider automobiles. Nowadays, low rider motorcycle designs encompass a wide range of themes: science fiction, military, fantasy or popular modern art. Below are pointers on how to select a low rider tricycle:

Research. The very first thing that you need to do is to research low riders. Actually, professional low rider builders do a huge amount of research on design ideas and technology. Researching will give you ideas and understanding on how to go about the rest of the building or purchasing a low rider. With research, you might be interested in trying out a new design.

Take your research online. There are a number of good sites to check out online regarding low riders. You can browse through a huge amount of subjects regarding it. Some sites will showcase many low riders and their builders. It will show designs and details regarding the machines. Reading through it is a good idea.

There are also a number of sites, which focus on the technological design of the machines. Since low rider bikes are customized, it is important to get a basic grip on how and what technologies work.

Visit your local shops or shows. Being a budding enthusiast, it will be very positive for your project to visit shops and bike shows, which build or showcase low rider tricycles. Visits can also give you to opportunity to meet a potential seller or a potential partner in building one.

When planning to build one, frequent interaction with known builders will give you the information to decide whether to continue in building one or just buying a made one.

Purchasing. When actually purchasing your low rider tricycle, you must consider the ff:

  • Price – The price should be within your budget. Any repairs or maintenance should be within your budget.
  • Documentation - The legal documents should be properly filed. If you have knowledge on these matters, it would still be a good idea to consult a specialist.
  • Test drive – Of course, a test drive is on order. Before paying or signing any papers, a proper test drive should be accomplished.

The selection and purchase of a low rider tricycle should be an interesting project. Be sure to read and research a lot on the subject and ask people.


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