How To Sell Cars at Your Car Dealership

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The Internet age has made selling almost anything possible at the tippety-tap of your fingers. Stuff from old slippers to retro art to funky cards is sold at a daily basis online. Even cars and trucks are sold via the Internet. The mercantile art of wheeling and dealing is now confined to a cordial email exchange and a cold "thank you."

Thank goodness there are still car dealerships in town. At your local car dealer, you can witness the exciting, sometimes tiring, totally mercantile art of wheeling and dealing. Each time a client comes in to have a look at the cars neatly parked in rows, a car salesmen's senses spring into alert mode and give the client a dose of the best in mercantile art that they can muster.

If you want to know how to sell cars at your car dealership, here are some steps that may help you become a master seller.

  1. Always know your product. The cars are your products, and each make has its particular place in history. Know your car's history, how much it costs in the market, and how popular it is. You can research these details easily on the Internet. Try to have a special or interesting story to share about each car that you could share with clients.

  2. Be prepared with the car's documents. If this is a used car up for resale, it would be good to have maintenance records ready regarding oil changes, tire changes or major maintenance repairs. If you can provide good records, this will inspire confidence in clients that the used car has been maintained well.

  3. Don't keep the client waiting. Try to anticipate everything that the client needs. Have everything you may need nearby or on you, so that the client isn't kept waiting while you get it.

  4. Confirm the client's interest in purchasing the car. Make a little push by asking if he is interested in making the purchase. Most car buyers need just a small nudge for them to make that all-important decision to purchase the car.

  5. Give a price for the car. If this is a resale, offer a price that could be low enough for the buyer but high enough to allow you to lower the price a bit for some good old wheelin' and dealin'. This is the high art of bargaining that is slowly becoming lost to this generation, but used car salesmen are one of its great practitioners.

  6. Warmly thank the client. Whether or not the client makes the purchase, always thank him from the heart. If you haven't given him your card when you introduced yourself, don't let him leave without making sure that he takes one of your cards with him. Leaving a good impression will encourage him to get back to you or to recommend you to his friends.

These are only some steps that you could take when you sell cars at your car dealership. A lot of other websites and books have tons of materials that could help you be the best car salesman on the block.


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