How To Ship Your Car Cross-Country

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One of the biggest hurdles of moving to a new location is figuring out how to get your vehicles to your new home. If you're moving across town, it's not a big deal. However, it can be difficult to move one or more vehicles across the country. 

Some people drive their primary vehicle to their new location. However, it might be too much of a hassle to do that more than once. You might also have a vehicle that you can't or don't want to drive. 

In this case, you need to look into how to ship a vehicle. 

We can provide some guidance in this arena. Keep reading for a quick guide on vehicle transport options. 

Tow or Haul the Vehicle Yourself

First, if you have a moving truck or another capable vehicle, you can tow the extra vehicle yourself. You can tow the car directly behind you or load it up on a trailer. However, this option should only be considered if you have experience towing heavy loads behind you. 

Use an Enclosed Transport Service

Alternatively, consider paying an auto transport company to ship a vehicle for you. To find your options, use Google to search for "auto transport near me."

One of the options you will find is enclosed vehicle transport. This type of transport uses enclosed trailers to get your vehicle to its new destination.

This option offers protection against inclement weather and road hazards. It also maximizes you're vehicle's security from break-ins and vandalism.

However, enclosed transport is often more expensive than open-air transport.

Use an Open-Air Transport Service

If you want to save a little bit of money while working with an auto transport company, you can opt for open-air transport. This is a great solution on how to ship a vehicle on a budget.  

Cheap car shipping companies are also more environmentally friendly. Because they're shipping multiple vehicles at once, they're consuming less fuel than it would cost to ship vehicles individually. 

Additionally, open-air auto transport companies are generally more available and accessible. It's easier to lock down a company to ship a vehicle long distances. As such, it's faster and more convenient if you're looking to ship a vehicle last minute or under a certain time-frame.

While open-air transport leaves your vehicle more exposed to weather and road hazards, professional transportation drivers are well-trained. They will do everything in their power to protect your vehicle while it's in their possession.

Learning How to Ship a Vehicle?

If you need to ship a vehicle long distance, consider the options listed in this article. Figure out what works best for your budget, time-frame, and other circumstances. Take your time to make the right choice. 

And if you're looking for more tips on how to do things, our site was created for you. Check out some of our other articles to find more move-related advice, auto tips, consumer insight, and more. Our website was designed to be a reliable source of information for readers like you. 


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