How To Shop for Cars with the Best Fuel Mileage

Fuel mileage is how much fuel a car needs to make it drive a certain distance.  A car’s fuel mileage is computed by dividing the distance in miles traveled by a car by the number of gallons of fuel used to travel that distance.  The more miles it can travel with a gallon of gas, the better; because it saves money and time spend to refill the gas tank of the car.  Here is how to shop for cars with the best fuel mileage.

  1. Check the sticker.  Every car that is for sale in America has a sticker on its window, which describes the car’s features.  Included in the list of information on this sticker is its fuel mileage ratings, which was calculated after test driving the car.  When selecting a car, look at the fuel mileage and compare it with other cars being sold.
  2. Choose lightweight cars over heavy ones.  The heavier a car is, the more fuel it uses to run, thus the worse the fuel mileage gets.  Find out how much the cars you are choosing from weigh and choose a lighter car.  When you have bought a car, don’t put unnecessary heavy weights on it to improve its fuel mileage.
  3. Buy hybrid cars.  These are cars, which are made specifically to improve fuel mileage.  These travels farther using the same amount of fuel automobiles usually do. Though these are expensive, it is worth it because you will have great fuel savings in the long run.
  4. Avoid buying roofless cars.  Driving without the roof or with open windows means meeting greater air resistance, thus the car slows down and more fuel is needed to make it go a certain distance. 
  5. Select regular cars, not race cars.  The faster you drive, the more fuel you need.  Avoid buying cars that are speedy if you want to have greater fuel savings.  If you are driving a regular car, resist the urge to speed to increase your fuel savings.
  6. Get a car with good quality tires. Get a car with high quality tires that are inflated properly. Inadequately inflated tires make a car go slower and use more fuel to get to its destination, thus cars with appropriately inflated tires utilizes fuel efficiently.
  7. Go to car manufacturer’s websites.  Websites selling cars have cars mileage included on the list of descriptions of the cars being sold.  Choose among different cars, and go to websites of various car manufacturers to select the car with the best fuel average. 
  8. Visit fuel economy websites. is a website that allows you to compare the fuel average of different cars.  Select the cars you want by clicking on the options and compare the cars’ mileage with each other.

Buying a car with the best fuel mileage involves research and good judgment.  In selecting a car, consider factors such as what you are going to use the car for, your driving habits, how many passengers it can carry, and features you want it to have.  These factors determine the fuel-efficient car you choose.


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